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GSI® Applications

The GSI, operating as paver-mounted, work bridge-mounted (above, left), or the independent GSI machine (above, right), has the ability to monitor and report your smoothness readings to you instantly. It's the ultimate quality-assurance tool available on the market today.

The GSI machine follows a GOMACO GP-4000 paver, right behind the finishers, on the Central Texas Turnpike.
Two paver-mounted GSI units provide instant rideability results on Interstate 75, near Pinconning, Michigan. Three different sensors, two sonic and one slope, read the smoothness data in the wheel tracks (or anywhere on the surface of the slab) on up to eight traces or four lanes in one pass. The paver-mounted GSI was a powerful diagnostic tool as a contractor worked in Alabama to fine-tune their paving process for a challenging rideability specification.

Two paver-mounted GOMACO GSI units monitor the smoothness in each driving lane. The information is instantly displayed and reviewed on a single touch screen mounted on the side of the paver.

GSI units, mounted to a GHP-2800, profile new Interstate 69 in Indiana.
A paver-mounted GSI unit provides immediate monitoring to assure proper paver setup and performance or examine for corrective measures that need to be taken. The GSI display, mounted at eye level on the side of the paver, offers a variety of viewing options of the information collected by the GSI.

Two paver-mounted GSI units were instrumental in helping fine tune this unbonded, 11 inch (279 mm) thick concrete overlay paving operation in Alabama.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 39.2.


The GSI profiles the grade with 3D stringless controls. Each trace collects the X, Y, and Z positions needed to create a true 3D map of the terrain.

The GSI in transport mode easily travels around the job site.

The paver-mounted GSI is a cost-effective quality control tool that is quick and easy to install on your GOMACO paver. Both sonic and slope sensors mounted to the GSI's frame take readings simultaneously to determine pavement smoothness. The GSI monitor was positioned on this paver for easy viewing of the smoothness trace from ground level or from the work bridge.
On this project the GSI is mounted to a GOMACO Spanit® Work Bridge. The Work Bridge is attached to the back of a GOMACO GHP-2800 slipform paver. The GSI measures the smoothness results on this highway paving project. Smoothness readings are being taken on the Atlanta, Georgia airport.

Four GOMACO GSI units are mounted to the back of the paver. This provides immediate monitoring to assure proper paver setup and performance or examine for corrective measures that need to be taken.

The GSI took part in the Federal Highway Administration's "Profiler Round-Up" study. Sixty-eight road profilers were compared and verified on two different test tracks, one in Blacksburg, Virginia (above, left), and the other in Newville, Pennsylvania (above, right).

The GSI Grade Analysis Tool builds a profile of the grade and estimates the concrete yield of the project. This GSI traces four wheel tracks, providing accurate data for the smoothness readings on this two-lane street. Here, the GSI is mounted to the back of a GP-2600 and in the center of the paver. The monitor can be mounted anywhere on the paver for easy viewing.

The GSI measures pavement smoothness behind the texture/cure machine on a project near Onawa, Iowa.

The rideability of this concrete roadway in Austin, Texas, is constantly being monitored by the GSI.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 33.2.

A GHP-2800 paves the curve on the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia for NASCAR racing. A GSI follows the paver to check smoothness results.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 33.1.

The GSI was successfully tested for repeatability by steering from stringline. The GSI was taken off line and returned to line for retracing. Similar traces revealed excellent repeatability by the GSI.
The GSI can commence tracing right off the morning header, ahead of the texture/cure machine. If used later, saw-cuts, rains or wetness of slab do not affect readings. The GSI can operate off the same stringline as the paver. Here it is measuring smoothness directly behind the finishers.
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