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GT-6300 Paving

This GT-6300 with high-track drive is slipforming a 15.7 foot (4.8 m) pass for a new roadway near Santa Ana, El Salvador Narrow left tracks are available for minimum-clearance paving.

This four-track GT-6300 slipforms a lane for a new roadway near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The GT-6300 four-track is a revolutionary concrete paver for wider width slipforming, up to 20 ft. (6 m), with a modular design four-track paving framework and built-in versatility.
The GOMACO GT-6300 four-track has job-proven rideability results throughout the world. This machine is set up for half-width paving. The high-drive track allows machines to get as close as possible to obstacles and gives contractors the ability to do minimum- and zero-clearance work.

Read more about minimum-clearance paving in GOMACO World 30.1.

The four-track paver features the exclusive GOMACO Controller, four-point grade control, and the adaptability for the GOMACO Auto-Float®. The GT-6300's multi-application capabilities include airport runways, primary and secondary roads, highways, city streets, ramps and approaches, parking lots, alleys, shoulders, sidewalks, bicycle paths and recreational trails. The four-track option design adds versatility with job-to-job mobility. The pivoting leg assemblies on the GT-6300 four-track allow the legs to easily swing to the outboard position for travel while the machine remains mobile. It can be loaded on an 8 ft. (2.5 m) wide trailer with the paving mold still attached.
The GT-6300 is capable of zero-clearance paving in the four-track mode with one of the rear tracks removed.
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