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ACPA Posts Searchable Agency Practices Database

ACPA posted its first searchable database on its Internet Web site. The database allows promoters, ACPA members and specifiers to find information about the concrete pavement practices of specifying agencies throughout the United States.

The breadth of the database far exceeds the publication, "A Charted Summary of Concrete Highway Pavement Practices in the United States," last printed by Portland Cement Association (PCA) in 1982.

The new electronic system contains information on more than 235 concrete pavement design, construction and specification variables.

This is 178 percent more information than was collected years ago by PCA's extensive field staff. Seventy-five percent of the states and chapters surveyed by ACPA responded with data. Only a handful of states and chapters chose not to participate. ACPA continues to work on filling the information for these states.

This web-based service is a powerful tool for chapter promoters and members seeking advances in market share through improved agency specifications and design choices.

The Web site provides state-by-state information or state-to-state comparisons based on more than 60 different queries.

The above article was posted with permission from the ACPA. The ACPA Web site is located at http:///




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