Equipment Brochure Number Quantity
3300 Paver 2GC
4400 Barrier Paver 3CG
GT-3400 Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10107
GT-6300 Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10102
Next Generation Commander III Trimmer-Paver 10GC
IDBI Commander III Attachment 6GC
GT-3600 Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10328
GT-3200 Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10440
GT-3200 Sidewalk Paver 0399-0A10439
Commander II Trimmer-Paver 0400-0A10105
Curb Cadet Curb Machine 0300-0A10109
GT-6000 Trimmer/Paver 0300-0A10108
RCC Screed 1GC
GP3 Slipform Paver 1GC
GP-2400 Slipform Paver 0405-0A10347
GP-4000 Slipform Paver 0405-0A10350
GHP-2800 Slipform Paver 0405-0A10349
GP-2600 Slipform Paver 0405-0A10407
Independent IDBI Attachment 1GC
V2 Paving Mold 1GC
5400 Series Paving Mold 1GC
5400 Series Bar Inserter 405-0A10352
Hydraulic Side Bar Inserter (SBI) 405-0A10351
9000 Trimmer/Placer 0410-0A10312
9500 Trimmer/Placer 0410-0A10296
Commander III Trimmer 11GC
GT-3400 Sidewalk Trimmer 11GC
PS-2600 Placer/Spreader 0415-0A10518
RTP-500 Rubber-Tracked Placer 1CFX3000
T/C-600, T/C-400/, T/C-400B Texturing Curing 8GC
T/C-5600 Texture/Cure 4GC
GSI 0405-0A10353
G+ Connect 11GC
Cylinder Finishers, C-450, C-650, C-750, CF-790 0420-0A10133
Hawkeye Screed Concrete Finisher 0320-0A10135
Canal 0425-0A10382
RC Conveyor/Slope Conveyor 0335-0A10140
Spanit 0399-0A10314
Sensor Line Accessories 0399-0A10148
Full Line 0499-0A10150

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