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GOMACO Exclusive Control System

The world's first full color, full text, and multi-language paver control system.

GOMACO's operating system is a digital control system with graphical display that provides easy to understand icons and multi-language commands. It is a revolutionary proprietary software and operating system that combines intelligence with simplicity for GOMACO construction equipment. The information is presented in full color, commands are presented in full text, and this system can contain multiple languages for operation.

The GOMACO operating system features a 6.5 inch (165 mm) anti-glare display screen with sensor-controlled backlight levels. It provides superior visibility under all operating conditions. Its rugged, shock resistant construction protects it against dust, moisture, and other outdoor elements. The high-brightness, color graphics, and fourteen (14) function buttons provide the ultimate user-friendly operator experience.

Training time on the machine is reduced dramatically because the user-friendly screen and controls are easy to understand. A simplified approach with screen icons is used to represent universal and quick identifications. Text fields provide complete descriptions of instructions, faults, or other communications in order to reduce the operator's learning curve to a minimum.

GOMACO's operating system is designed for the world market with the multi-language feature. This control system features the ability to operate in English and other languages, of the operator's choice. It also offers the choice of metric or imperial measurements. The graphics, combined with your native language, makes it easy to understand and easy to identify the target function.

Even faster troubleshooting is possible because the operating system gives you a full explanation of the problem. Advanced system diagnostics on the operating system automatically pinpoints and identifies electrical circuit opens, shorts, and fault codes to aid in troubleshooting. A bright yellow LED light alerts the operator, and the operating system describes the fault with a full explanation and recommended action.

GOMACO's control system provides easy, push-button steering set up and trainable track steering when interfaced with GOMACO "smart" cylinders. Steering control has been simplified with the exclusive "smart" cylinders, used for dependable steering control feedback. The "smart" cylinder reduces moving parts and eliminates the physical adjustments to the steering system. The GOMACO operating system makes it possible to have push-button steering setup. The controller allows the operator to teach the "smart" cylinders to set a desired degree of leg rotation, so that the tracks do not strike any object in minimum-clearance or zeroclearance requirements, however, the operator has the option of overriding this setting.

Auto-transition and slope compensation... The optional transition software allows the operator to automatically transition in and out of "catch" or "spill" gutter. It automatically compensates for mold position in relationship to the stringline as a result of slope changes.

The dual language feature allows the operational screens to be in English or a second language with metric or imperial measurements. These screens are shown in English (left) and French (right).

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