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PS-4000 Applications

The PS-4000 is built for maximum placing and spreading productivity in central mix operations.

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The conveyor deflector directs the flow of the concrete at the discharge end of the conveyor. The PS-4000 is designed to place and spread concrete with the single conveyor or twin conveyor system, or spread concrete without the use of the conveyor system.
The belt frame is hinged and can hydraulically raise and lower to allow trucks to pass by. Folding time is just eight seconds up and six seconds down, providing high production in the concrete placing and spreading operation. The GOMACO-designed conveyor system provides quick, clean and efficient delivery of concrete to the grade. The 5 foot (1.52 meter) wide GOMACO-designed twin conveyor systems are built with the strength and durability to catch the concrete load from end-dump trucks. The symmetrical design of the conveyor system allows it to be mounted on the left or right side, or the twin conveyors can be mounted on both sides of the machine, depending on job-site logistics.
The PS-4000 has a spreading width of up to 50 feet (15.24 meters). The durable spreader-plow does the initial spreading of the placed material. The plow speed is variable up to 120 feet per minute (36.58 meters per minute). Placing and spreading concrete in front of a placer helps provide positive rideability results. The final spreading of the concrete is quick and accurate with the reversible 20 inch (508 millimeter) diameter hydraulically powered split auger. The hydraulically pressure-compensated sideplates provide edge control and a spreading depth up to 19 inches (483 millimeters).
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