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A GOMACO SL-750 cylinder finisher working on a Hyundai test track for their vehicles manufactured in China became the first finisher to be controlled with a 3D guidance system. The project also utilized a track-mounted RC Conveyor and a 4000 series Spanit® work bridge with rubber tires.

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  A GOMACO C-450, riding on forms, is finishing an airport apron in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. A GOMACO Spanit work bridge was used behind the finisher.

A GOMACO C-450 is followed by a Spanit work bridge on a polymer concrete overlay project in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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This Spanit work bridge, along with a GOMACO SL-450 and RC Conveyor finish a canal in Loma Linda, California.  
GOMACO's Spanit work bridge provides quick and efficient finishing over nearly any project.   The four series of Spanit work bridges are ideal for flat slab, canal, slope and bridge decks, allowing laborers to work over the slab.
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