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T/C-400 Applications

Electronic-over-hydraulic forward and reverse steering and grade control for the T/C-400 is sensored off the same stringline as the slipform paver. This provides ease of operation and accuracy in texturing and curing of the slab. A T/C-400 applies a transverse tine to this runway on the Central International Airport in Japan. The runway was 24.6 feet (7.5 m) wide and thickness varied between 16.5 to 18.1 inches (420 to 460 mm).

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This GOMACO T/C-400 is curing a slab at a job site in Texarkana, Arkansas.
GOMACO's texture/cure machines are available with a skewed tining option. It allows the travel of the tining bars to run a skewed path, while the frame of the machine is square to the slab. It simplifies the ability to transverse tine on newly paved streets and highways requiring a skew texture.

A T/C-400 works behind a paver applying a horizontal tine and spray cure on the New Bangkok International Airport in Thailand.

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This T/C-400 is following behind the paver applying a transverse tine finish and curing compound in Baja California, Mexico.

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A GOMACO T/C-400 followed this GHP-2800 and applied a transverse texture and cure on the London Heathrow Airport.

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This T/C-400 texture/cure machine completed a GOMACO paving train on this airport project in Turkey. It put the final textured surface on the runway.

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Curing assembly includes a 250 gal. (946 L) reservoir with hydraulically driven cure pump, filter, gauges and controls. The spray bar has nozzles spaced 12 in. (305 mm) apart and 18 in. (457 mm) above the surface of the concrete.

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A T/C-400 finished and cured this airport runway on the Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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GOMACO's T/C-400 is equipped with two end cars, each having two hydraulically powered, foam-filled rubber flotation tires.

Wire tines for texturing travel across the width of the concrete slab. Adjustable pressure on surface contact between the texturing member and concrete controls depth and angle of wire tines.

Longitudinal tining is available when required by project specifications.

Console (above photo) and operator station (immediate right photo) provide easy operation and overall visibility

The control box (also seen on top of the operator's station in the immediate left photo) is strategically positioned to provide easy steering control and safety with the emergency stop switch.

Full-width spray bar for curing has nozzles spaced 12 in. (305 mm) apart and adjustable height above the surface of the concrete for even coverage. Transverse cure system allows for simultaneous texturing and curing. Versatility is provided as the burlap/astroturf drag or poly-roll hydraulically lowers for the texturing process and raises off the slab for the curing process.
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