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GOMACO World 34.1 - February 2006

From the GOMACO Service Department –
Servo Valve Rebuilding Program Now Available

GOMACO Corporation now has the ability to repair certain types of grade and steering servo valves to OEM rebuilt standards. The GOMACO part numbers along with the OEM part number is listed below:

R-125-10A09 2 gpm V7059A-1089
R-125-10C96 4 gpm V7059A-1105
R-125-10D63 7 gpm V7059A-1139

These servo valves were used on the early model GOMACO curb and gutter machines and early model GOMACO pavers and trimmers. The rebuilt servos are available for the two, four and seven gallon models.

If you, the dealer or customer, have any equipment with this type of servo valve control, please contact GOMACO for information on our rebuilt exchange program. If you have any of these valves that are now defective and would like to return them for credits without purchasing replacements, we have a list and will authorize the return as our inventory requires.

If you have any questions regarding this type of valve, please contact GOMACO at 800-831-2320 and ask for the Service Department. Please have your machine serial number ready when you call.


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