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Welcome to www.gomaco.com's area with information designed for our equipment distributors. Check back here often for news, information and tidbits to help you keep up to speed on GOMACO Corporation.




Place Your Literature Orders Online

We have an online form where distributors can place orders for GOMACO literature. Please evaluate your literature needs carefully prior to placing your order. Brochures are available in quantities of 10, 25, and 50. Click here to use the form.

GOMACO brochures are also available for viewing or downloading in PDF format on the equipment pages on our web site.



GOMACO Parts Online

Parts ordering online is available to all GOMACO distributors. Click here to enter the parts site.

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Video Productions

A flash drive stick of all video productions in mp4 format is available from the Advertising Department. Contact Alana Redenius at 712-364-4764 or at aredenius@gomaco.com, or view videos on our YouTube channel.



GOMACO Co-op Advertising Program Guidelines

There are co-op programs available with the ACP Publications, Construction Equipment Guide and ENR Regional Publications.

We have a special partnership co-op program with the ACP Publications.


Guidelines for other Co-op Programs:

The GOMACO Co-op Program is 50-50 with GOMACO “provided” advertising material

We prefer that the publication bill GOMACO 50 percent and you 50 percent


Extraordinary Programs. Please submit, before placement:

• When GOMACO ad or ads will run

• Where the ad or ads will run

• What the Per Insertion and Total cost will be

• What material will be placed

• If material is not provided by GOMACO,  the material needs to be approved before placement


We do not co-op advertising material that includes other manufacturers

Anytime there is a reference to our company name, GOMACO should be in all caps



International Co-op Program Additional Guidelines:

Need to provide GOMACO a media kit from chosen book (circulation and rates)

Need to provide Proof of Performance – paid billing and tear sheet for reimbursement

Co-op amount will be credited to distributor’s account





24-Hour Emergency Assistance From The Service Department

A representative from the GOMACO Service Department is available 24 hours a day. Due to the different time zones and long and unusual hours that contractors work, GOMACO has created a phone line for after-hour paving emergencies.

Simply call the emergency number, 712-364-4716, to be connected with a GOMACO service representative. You'll hear a short buzzing noise or tone, but don't hang up. The noise indicates that the call is being transferred to the representative on call.

When you call in, you can also select "Service" from the switchboard menu, and this will also connect you to the after-hours phone.

This line is available only for concrete paving emergency situations when GOMACO facilities are not open for regular hours. During normal hours, call the Service Department for assistance.



Engine Warranty Policy

GOMACO has been involved with meetings lately with our engine manufacturers and one of the concerns mentioned was engine warranty and when it starts. If the machine is shipped directly from GOMACO to the contractor, the warranty information is filled out at the factory and registered when the machine ships. If the machine is sold to a distributor as a stock machine, the warranty information is sent to you (the distributor). Do not fill out this information until the machine is sold. This ensures the customer receives the longest possible warranty time on their engine while it's working in the field and not sitting on the lot.




International Manuals Available

GOMACO has several different operation manuals in various languages other than English. We now have a variety of manuals in Spanish, French, German and Dutch. We also have some manuals in Portuguese and Russian.

These manuals contain the controls and gauges chapter, the set-up chapters and the maintenance chapter. The troubleshooting chapter for most of these manuals is not translated, but is available as a stand-alone "Troubleshooting Guide" in English.

Contact Shari Simmons at GOMACO University, 712-364-4781, or shari@gomaco.com, to see if the manual you require is available.



Get Linked!

We offer links to our distributors' web sites, as well as links to sites by construction publications and organizations.

If you would like a link from gomaco.com to your web site, send an e-mail to blutz@gomaco.com and we would be happy to provide you with one.