GHP-2800 Slipform Paver




Benefits You Can Count On With A GHP-2800

• Superior Rideability

• High Production

• Versatility

• Job-Proven

• Quality

• Durability

• Visibility

• Serviceability

• Mobility

• The "GOMACO" Edge

• Safety Features















The job proven GHP-2800 paver is preferred by contractors throughout the world. All of the features on the GHP-2800 paver have made this slipform paver number one in universal paving markets. This paver features the most up-to-date technology in the world. The exclusive GOMACO design provides easier setup, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety. The GOMACO GHP-2800 paver is chosen by its reputation for a quality end product.



Superior Rideability Results

Emission Controlled Engine

Optimum Engine Performance

Revolutionary Cooling Package

Retractable Console

Lower Profile Provides Enhanced Visibility

Shroud Lifts for Easy Service Access

T-Beam Mounting Rail for Positioning Mold

Ease of Transport and Job-Site Mobility

GOMACO's Exclusive G+® Control System

“Smart” Cylinders for Steering on the Four-Track

Selective Steer System on the Four-Track

Integrates with the Major 3D Guidance Systems including Topcon, Leica Geosystems, and Trimble

Electronic-Over-Hydraulic Circuitry

Hydrostatic Drive System

Modular Hardware

Dual Telescoping Frame

Forward Mounted Vibrator Modules Tilt In and Out

Designed with Safety Features

Two-Track and Four-Track Options

Easy Access 3-Position Ladder



The two-track GHP-2800 paver is equipped with Leica Geosystems 3D guidance to slipform a new ramp underneath an interchange during a night pour.



The four-track GHP-2800 is equipped with Trimble 3D stringless guidance while slipforming at an airport.





High-Performance Hydraulic System with Electronic-Over-Hydraulic Circuitry

The GOMACO GHP-2800 paver features a high-performance hydraulic system. All control circuitry is electronic-over-hydraulic for easy, accurate adjustment and an instant, controlled response.


Track Circuits: Tandem Closed-Loop Hydrostatic Pump

Vibrator Circuits: Open-Loop, Load-Sensed Hydraulic Pumps

Auger Circuit: Tandem Closed-Loop Hydrostatic Pump

Lift Circuit: Main Circuit, Open-Loop, Pressure-Compensated Pump

Grout Box Auger/Tamper Circuit: Open-Loop, Load-Sensed Hydraulic Pump

Fuel Efficiency: Provided by the Closed-Loop and Load-Sensed Hydraulics




The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 paver slipforms a section of a 24 mile (38.6 km) interstate expansion project. The GHP-2800 paver with Leica Geosystems 3D guidance is equipped with a 5400 series mold, an Auto-Float®, and a burlap drag to assist with achieving high production and a superior finish.



The two-track GHP-2800 paver is equipped with G+ controls, a 5400 series mold, and a Topcon 3D guidance system, all working together to pave a highway. The GOMACO paver has a burlap drag behind the mold and is followed by the GOMACO T/C-600 texture/cure machine putting the finishing touches on the highway.








G+® Controls – Designed For Concrete Paving

It is now the technology that pulls everything together…
G+ is the center that Connects all of the resources.

Once you experience G+ controls, you won’t be satisfied with anything else. It’s a control system that is both easy to learn and easy to operate. G+ expresses itself in easy to understand international icons and full script explanations. It operates in all the major languages of the world and in the imperial or the metric system. It has a lightning-fast processing speed and features two-way communications between the accessories and G+. Its instant digital feedback combined with the tight closed-loop electronic and hydraulic control creates a G+ experience that is smooth, efficient, and accurate. There is nothing on the market that can compare, because G+ is a proprietary system that was designed by our in-house control experts incorporating what we have learned from decades of experience in the field, and from what we have learned from you, our customer.

- Machine Operation is Simple
- Machine Response is Fast
- Troubleshooting is Pinpointed, Quick, and Easy
- Fault History Available

The exclusive GOMACO G+ control system features self-diagnostics for grade and steering. It features new and easy-to-operate hardware with steering and travel dials. The elevation jog buttons, located to the left of the display screen, are used to manually change the elevation of the leg when the control loop is set to manual mode. The steering jog butt ons, located above the display screen on four track pavers, are used to manually change the steer direction of the tracks when the control loop is in manual mode. Control dials are used for manual steering and travel. The G+ travel dial turns to adjust travel speed in one percent increments, and ramps up or down with smooth, precise speed control. This feature is ideal for controlling the smooth travel speed necessary for slipform paving. The paver can be turned left or right with the G+ steering dial as it is moved in the manual travel mode.

A flat-panel 6.5 inch (165 mm) anti-glare display screen is provided with sensor-controlled backlight levels for superior visibility in all operating conditions. The screen is rugged and shock resistant in its construction to protect against dust, moisture, and rain. G+ provides a full color display on the control panel to illustrate the various aspects of the paver for set up and operation. A “run” screen on the control panel illustrates the various aspects of the paver. It includes leg position, paving speed and percentage of drive, steering, travel information, grade information, deviation meters, and more. Newly designed icons and color graphics make it easy to understand and easy to identify the targeted functions. G+ receives a track speed reading from pulse pickups in the track motors to give you real time feet (meters) per minute and total linear footage (meters). G+ controls feature a detailed fault history with the time stamp, date, and information to track when each fault occurred. GOMACO’s G+ control system has been proven around the world.



The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 paver slipforms a 34 foot (10.36 m) wide overlay and flying shoulders. In a single paving pass, the GHP-2800 is slipforming two 12 foot (3.66 m) wide traffic lanes, a four foot (1.22 m) wide shoulder, and a six foot (1.83 m) wide shoulder. This GHP-2800 is equipped with G+ controls, Leica Geosystems 3D guidance, a 5400 series mold with three power transition adjusters (PTAs), two GOMACO Smoothness Indicators (GSI®), and a burlap drag to complete the finish on the highway.






Airport Paving


The GOMACO two-track GHP-2800 paver is equipped with 3D guidance and a 5000 series mold to slipform an airport runway. A GOMACO PS-2600 works in front of the GHP-2800 paver placing and spreading the concrete over dowel baskets and cans for runway lighting. During one day of paving production on the new runway, the GHP-2800 slipformed 7728 cubic yards (5908 m3) of concrete during a 12.5 hour shift.




The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 is equipped with Topcon 3D stringless guidance to pave an airport project 25 feet wide (7.62 m) and 22 inches (56 mm) deep.




GOMACO's two-track GHP-2800 is equipped with an Auto-Float® and is paving a new runway.




The four-track GOMACO GHP-2800 paver with the 5000 series auger/strike-off mold and Auto-Float slipform part of an airport runway.




The two-track GHP-2800 paver with a 5000 series auger/strike-off mold and Leica Geosystems 3D guidance slipforms an airport parking apron and taxiway.




The GOMACO RTP-500 places concrete in front of the four-track GHP-2800. The paver is equipped with the 5400 series mold to create a smooth finish on the military air base's taxiways.




The two-track GOMACO GHP-2800 paver slipforms an airport apron 20 inches (508 mm) thick with some areas having 25 inch (635 mm) thickened edges.




The GOMACO PS-2600 places concrete in front of a two-track GHP-2800 paver equipped with 3D guidance as it slipforms an airport runway.




Ultimate Paving Systems

GOMACO offers both the auger/strike-off mold .... and the exclusive open-front mold!


Auger/Strike-Off Mold



Open-Front Mold



(1) The front split strike-off auger serves to spread the concrete to a predetermined width. The right-hand and left-hand drive sections are independently controlled with variable speeds. The 3100 series mold has a 16 inch (406 mm) front auger with a maximum speed of 79.3 rpm @ 24 gpm (90.9 Lpm) flow. The 5000 series mold has a 20 inch (508 mm) front auger and a maximum speed of 60.5 rpm @ 24 gpm (90.9 Lpm) flow.

(2) The strike-off is split for full, independent control. Both strike-off plates can be vertically controlled on the right and left sides, to meter material into the mold.

(3) The GOMACO grout box auger is for control of material through transitions or superelevations. The 3100 series mold has a 14 inch (356 mm) grout box auger with a maximum speed of 13 rpm @ 4.5 gpm (17.03 Lpm) flow. The 5000 series mold has a 16 inch (406 mm) grout box auger with a maximum speed of 6.5 rpm @ 4.5 gpm (17.03 Lpm) flow. The spreader/auger on the 3100 series open-front mold is a 14 inch (356 mm) auger with maximum speed of 77.9 rpm @ 28 gpm (106 Lpm) flow. The spreader/auger on the 5000 series open-front mold has a 16 inch (406 mm) auger and maximum speed of 55.8 rpm @ 24 gpm (90.9 Lpm) flow.

(4) Vibration is provided to the throat area of the mold for consolidation of concrete. The vibrators, with an automatic on/off control, activated with machine movement, are hydraulically powered with variable speeds up to 10,500 vpm. The vibrator positioning is hydraulically controlled for ease in start-up and finish.

(5) The GOMACO tamper bar system tamps down the aggregate level with the surface of the pan. The tamper bar is hydraulically powered with an automatic on/off control, activated with machine movement.

(6) The finishing pan serves to level the concrete. The 3100 series mold and stainless from front to back is 48 inches (1219 mm). The 5000 series mold and stainless is 60 inches (1524 mm) from front to back.

(7) Adjustable stainless steel is exclusive to the GOMACO system. This seals the surface and provides the troweled GOMACO finish out of the mold.





Detachable Auger/Strike-Off for Width Changes and Shipping

The 5000 series paving mold with a detachable telescoping auger/strike-off gives contractors the benefit of a mold that can be either an open front or an auger/strike-off. The optional detachable telescoping auger/strike-off provides easy width changes with the removable and telescoping sections. The auger/strike-off is independent and can be raised and lowered hydraulically. The strike-off features a center insert with a transition adjuster to allow for crowning. Both the strike-off and auger have six feet (1.83 m) of telescoping capabilities to aid in changing paving widths. When paving widths need to be changed, the contractor only has to add or remove a section of the paving mold and then telescope the auger and strike-off in or out, depending on the needed width. The telescoping auger incorporates bolt-on flighting to accommodate the changing widths. Along with giving the contractor some extra versatility on their pavers, the detachable telescoping auger/strike-off provides ease in transportation. The auger/strike-off can be detached from the front of the mold and the wings on the sideplates can be folded in to allow the paver, with the mold still mounted underneath it, to be transported under 12 feet (3.66 m) wide on one truck. This design is based on a 5000 series open-front mold, allowing such molds to be retrofitted in the field.





5400 Series Paving Mold

• Box design with durable 0.5 inch (13 mm) thick paving skin.
• Vertically-adjustable mold mount for precise leveling of mold to machine.
• Telescoping end sections with 24 inches (610 mm) of width variation on each side are optional.
• Edge slump adjustment.
• Hydraulic Vertical Hinged Sideplates, self-contained inside the mold for track clearance.
• Split, pressure-compensated sideplates.
• Folding sideplate wings for transporting without removing.
• Pivoting mold mounting beam to eliminate stress points, created by crowning the mold.
• Self-supported TA is hydraulically driven with 3.5 inch (89 mm) ACME screws for up to a six inch (152 mm) crown.
• Front and rear top T-bar on mold for attaching accessories and structural integrity.
• Inserts are bolted together with front and rear alignment pins for easy mold assembly.



• Vibrator mounting tube attaches to T-bar on mold.

– Vertical vibrator lift.
– Rear lubrication system with grease zerks accessible from the work bridge.

• Strike-off.

– Mounted on paver frame T-beam mounting rail, independent of the mold.
– New modular design with pin lock system for ease in changing widths.
– 10 inches (254 mm) of hydraulic height adjustment.
– Hydraulic crown adjustment.

• Spreader plow mounted to paver frame T-beam mounting rail, optional auger available.
• Tamper bar optional.
• Trailing stainless optional.




The box design of the 5400 series mold has a 54 inch (1372 mm) finishing length front to back and is equipped with a durable 0.5 inch (13 mm) thick paving skin that is welded to the mold to increase the structural integrity.





This 5400 Series paving mold is equipped with two telescoping end sections, and has two 36 inch (914 mm) and two 24 inch (610 mm) mold sections. The 5400 series paving mold also features edge slump adjustment and a self-supported TA. 5400 series paving molds can also be equipped with one or more bar inserters. The mold above is equipped with a center-mounted 5400 series bar inserter.




Telescoping Mold Sections are optional -

Two options are available for the telescoping mold section. One option is a five to eight foot (1.5 - 2.44 m) section, and the other option is six to ten foot (1.83 - 3 m).




These telescoping mold inserts are shown in two foot (0.61 m) and six inch (152 mm) sections.




The telescoping mold section is designed with a structural integrity that is unmatched in the industry.




Telescoping End Sections are optional -

Inserts are available in quarter-inch (6 mm), half-inch (13 mm), three inch (76 mm), or six inch (152 mm) increments. This drawing shows a six inch (152 mm) insert for the telescoping end mold.




The end section can be telescoped from five to seven feet (1.52 to 2.13 m).


A six inch (152 m) insert is lifted and hooked into place after the end section telescopes out.




Designed For Safety

The GP-2800 is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. The emergency stop buttons are on the operator’s console and on the corners of the machine, which are easily accessible from the ground level. Another safety feature is a backup alarm, which is designed to alert personnel around the machine when the tracks are set to operate in reverse. Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, operator horn, an operator’s manual, and a safety manual. GOMACO machines are also designed to provide the operator with excellent visibility over the entire paving operation.



Vertical Hinged Sideplates are Available

GOMACO’s Vertical Hinged Sideplates are available options for the 3100 and 5000 series molds and have hydraulic control for ease in start-up from an existing slab. The four inch (102 mm) cylinder stroke allows the split sideplates to open and close. This provides less labor and a smoother transition to the new slab. The Vertical Hinged Sideplates can be raised or lowered to negotiate headers and other obstacles. The Vertical Hinged Sideplates are for four-track pavers only.







Whitetopping: The Overlay Choice

This four-track GOMACO GHP-2800 paver (seen in the below photos) is equipped with G+ controls, G+ ConnectTM, 5400 series mold, two paver-mounted GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI) units, and Leica Geosystems 3D guidance to pave the 34 foot (10.4 m) wide by six inch (152 mm) deep overlay. The profile of the new roadway was 24 feet (7.32 m) wide with six foot (1.83 m) and four foot (1.22 m) flying shoulders. The GHP-2800 paver was equipped with three power transition adjusters (PTAs), one for the center crown and one for each of the shoulders. The 5400 series mold features self-supported TAs that are hydraulically driven with the transitions controlled by G+.


The GHP-2800 paver features GOMACO's exclusive and proprietary G+ control system that is simple to understand and operate.




The GOMACO GHP-2800 paver is using Leica Geosystems 3D guidance to slipform the concrete overlay on top of the existing asphalt.




A paver-mounted GSI unit provides immediate monitoring to assure proper paver set up and performance or examine for corrective measure that need to be taken.




On the ground personnel have the ability to monitor paving information and make adjustments to the PTAs, 3D systems, GSI units, and more.




The GOMACO GHP-2800 paver is equipped with an IDBI attachment, two paver-mounted GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI) units, and Leica Geosystems 3D guidance to pave the 25 foot (7.6 m) wide by nine inch (229 mm) deep overlay on top of the existing asphalt.




The four-track GOMACO GHP-2800 paver is equipped with two paver-mounted GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI) units and Leica Geosystems 3D guidance. It is paving a half-width overlay 16 foot (4.88 m) wide, which includes a 12 foot (3.66 m) driving lane and a four foot (1.2 m) shoulder. Paving the overlay at half-width allows the road to remain open to traffic throughout construction.




Six foot (1.8 m) long, #5 steel rebar, were placed on 30 inch (762 mm) centers on the existing roadway to tie on the new eight inch (203 mm) thick shoulder. The new road is 4.5 inches (114 mm) thick.




The existing asphalt surface was milled and swept clean to prepare for the unbonded concrete whitetopping. Trucks dump the concrete directly onto the grade in front of the paver.



Optional Hydraulic or Ratchet-Style Edge Slump Control from GOMACO

GOMACO offers edge slump control to accommodate slump and mix design. These additional slump controls are also available for easy on-the-go adjustments.



Optional Hydraulic Edge Slump Control



Optional Ratchet-Style Edge Slump Control





High Production, Superior Rideability, And Versatility

GHP-2800 multi-application capabilities include airport runways, primary and secondary roads, highways, city streets, ramps and approaches, parking lots, alleys, and shoulders.

The two-track and the four-track GHP-2800 have met the strictest specifications and provide superior rideability results on slipform paving projects throughout the world.

Designed with multiple safety features, such as emergency stops on strategic areas of the machine and a low-profile engine shroud providing excellent operator visibility.

The GHP-2800 slipform paver features state-of-the-art, electronic-overhydraulic circuitry, dual-telescoping framework, enhanced on-site mobility and job-to-job transportability.



The four-track GHP-2800 paver is equipped with the Leica Geosystems 3D guidance, 5000 series auger/strike-off mold, IDBI, frame-mounted tie bar inserter (TBI), and side bar inserter (SBI) to efficiently slipform a new highway under the existing overpass.







GOMACO Auto-Float®




The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 paver is equipped with a 5400 series paving mold featuring a spreader plow and also a rear loading, front inserting 5400 series bar inserter. It's paving the new highway at 25 feet (7.62 m) wide.




The four-track GOMACO GHP-2800 uses Leica Geosystems 3D guidance on this overlay project. Production on this project increased by 1000 feet (305 m) of paving per day with the introduction of the stringless system.




A GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 equipped with an IDBI dowel bar inserter and Trimble 3D guidance slipforms a road.




The four-track GOMACO GHP-2800 paver is equipped with an Auto-Float and Leica Geosystems 3D guidance while slipforming this highway.






More Contractors Choose The GOMACO GHP-2800

IDBI, Independent Dowel Bar Inserter

The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 below is equipped with the IDBI attachment. The IDBI is an independent attachment that is self-contained, self-powered, and can insert transverse dowel bars into the pavement.






Trailing Form and Bar Inserter

This GHP-2800 is equipped with a trailing form and manual bar inserter designed to trail the track on a two-track paver. This system will accommodate most types of bars.


The photos above show the trailing form and manual bar inserter raised to position the machine to come off the header. When the slipforming begins, the trailing form is lowered and the manual bar insertion resumes.





Gantry System

High production mainline paving with the two-track GHP-2800 was achieved on an expressway project. The paver is equipped with a hydraulic gantry system. The gantry system hydraulically extends and retracts, allowing the paving to continue through narrow areas to clear the bridge piers.


Front view of the GHP-2800 as it paves under a bridge overpass with the hydraulic gantry system retracted.




The gantry system on the GHP-2800 is hydraulically extended, and normal paving continues once the paver is clear of the bridge piers.




Unparalleled Accuracy with the GOMACO Power Transition Adjuster (PTA)

GOMACO’s hydraulically-powered transition adjuster (PTA) provides on-the-go transitions in the crown of the concrete slab. A switch in the operator’s console controls the PTA in a positive or negative (up or down) motion. This flattens the crown in the paving mold/slab or adjusts the crown back into the mold/slab. These transitions are necessary in paving through superelevations and intersections.

This simple solution provides an easy method for an operator to perform a smooth transition where necessary and accomplish the required slab profile as specified.


Supported Power Transition Adjuster



A 5000 series mold with a self-supporting transition adjuster (TA). The self-supporting TA is available for widths up to 32 feet (9.75 m) on the 3100 and 5000 series molds, and up to 37 feet (11.28 m) on the 5400 series mold. This TA accommodates rear loading bar inserters.





GOMACO offers a patented computerized transition adjuster

The specialized GOMACO G+ accessory control system allows for programmed transitions from a crown to a flat cross slope in a superelevation, or vice versa. The G+ system is used to control the operations of up to four power transition adjusters (PTA), four tie bar inserters (TBI), two side bar inserters (SBI), a paint marker, and automatically timed spray bar.


GOMACO’s computerized transition adjuster is user-friendly and easy to understand. The PTA status display allows the operator to monitor the transition countdown, the target height of each PTA, current height of each PTA, and paver travel speed per minute.

The transition countdown displays the distance remaining in the current transition. The target height display shows the desired height of each PTA. The current height of each PTA is also shown along with a corresponding up and down arrow which is illuminated when the controller applies drive to each individual PTA.




The PTA setup display is easy to use as you simply enter the transition distance and the crown height that is required on the project.

This GOMACO G+ accessory controller also allows the operator to configure the software to insert side bars and tie bars to meet the particular job specifications.




The illustration above shows a stretch of roadway with a three inch (76 mm) crown to a zero (0) crown into a superelevation and out from zero (0) crown to a three inch (76 mm) crown. The operator has entered a minimum crown of zero (0) and a maximum crown of three inches (76 mm).

The transition computer automatically averages the distance of the two track lines, inside and outside of the slab, and calculates the total change from minimum to maximum crown over the total distance entered for the transition.




Versatility - Bar Insertion Systems Designed to Fit Your Project Specifications

GOMACO offers several bar insertion systems that are designed to accommodate your project specifications. Hydraulic cylinder, air-powered, and manual insertion are the three types of bar insertion. Bar inserters include the frame-mounted, sidemounted, 5400 series, and trailing form. GOMACO’s bar inserters provide easy and accurate bar placement to job specifications.


The frame-mounted tie bar inserter (TBI) accurately places the transverse bars for the longitudinal joint by placing the bars behind the vibrators.




Trailing form with manual bar insertion. The trailing form with manual or air-powered bar insertion is designed to trail the track on two-track pavers. This system will accommodate most types of bars.




Female keyway with hydraulic side bar insertion (SBI) and vibration to the bar.




Male keyway with side bar inserter (SBI).




GOMACO’s sideplate extension with the hydraulic system bar inserter.




Trailing form with air-powered bar insertion.




The hydraulic system includes vibration to the bar, and is designed for large bars. Vibration is applied to the bar during insertion, which provides consolidation of concrete around the bars. This system requires one vibrator circuit. The minimum slab depth required is six inches (152 mm) and the maximum bar length is 48 inches (1219 mm).






The 5400 series bar inserter is front or rear loading and front inserting for ease of use. It mounts to the mold's T-bar and allows on-the-go crown changes, while maintaining a constant depth. The bar box is mounted to the paver's rear T-beam mounting rail for easy access and loading of the bar magazine. There are individual depth guides on the right and the left side of the bar inserter in order to keep bars parallel to the top of slab. The 5400 series bar inserter can hold up to 50 bars in the bar magazine and bar loading chain system.














GOMACO’s Selective Steer Controls

Featuring Steering Choices for Job-Site Mobility and Transportability on Four-Track Pavers

GOMACO’s Selective Steer Controls feature forward/reverse steer and manual steering choices. The G+ controls feature control dials for manual steering and travel. The paver can be turned left or right with the G+ control steering dial as it is moved in the manual travel mode.


Stringline Steer Mode ... This mode is selected when steering is to be controlled by the steering sensors. The controller automatically recognizes where the sensors are plugged in and assigns steering, slope, or dual stringline to the appropriate tracks and display meters.



Coordinated Steer ... For minimum turning radius. When “coordinated steer” is selected, the steering control dial will control the turning of the tracks. If the dial is turned left or right from the center position, the leading tracks will turn in the corresponding direction and the trailing tracks will turn in the opposite direction.



Crab Steer ... The paver will walk sideways for ease in putting the machine on line. When “crab steer” is selected, the steering control dial will control the turning of all four tracks. If the dial is turned left or right, all tracks will turn in the corresponding direction to walk the machine to the side.



Front Steer ... When “front steer” is selected and the steering control dial is turned left or right, the front tracks will turn in the corresponding direction and the rear tracks will remain straight.



Rear Steer ... When “rear steer” is selected and the steering control dial is turned left or right, the rear tracks will turn in the corresponding direction and the front tracks will remain straight.





Counter-Rotation ... The unique counter-rotation programming allows the paver to turn 360 degrees within its own dimensions, providing excellent job-site maneuverability.





The two-track GHP-2800 paver is using Topcon 3D guidance to pave a single scab-on lane. The machine is straddling the cable guardrail next to the road.




The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 paver slipforms an interstate highway. The paver is equipped with GOMACO G+ controls, Leica Geosystems 3D guidance, and an IDBI.






Optional Sensored Leg Pivots and Transverse Tracking

Sensored steer feedback with sensored leg pivots provide continuous reference for the straight-ahead track positioning.





Full-steer tracks are turned perpendicular to the straight-ahead line. The G+ control system recognizes the track positioning and provides automatic steering control.





Transport Mode

Full-steer tracks with the heavy-duty pivot arm cylinders allow the legs to be driven to the transport position. Track direction of travel and steering control is automatic with the G+ control system.





The four-track option with full-steer and sensored leg pivots does not have manual bolted leg adjustment. Thirty-six inch (914 mm) stroke cylinders provide hydraulic leg height adjustments.





The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 is equipped with Trimble 3D guidance and the optional full-steer tracks with sensored leg pivots as it paves a section of interstate.







Two-Track GHP-2800

Two-track illustrations shown with 24 foot (7.3 m) wide 5000 series open-front mold with a 10 inch (254 mm) slab.

*All dimensions are nominal.





















Four-Track GHP-2800

Four-track illustrations shown with 24 foot (7.3 m) wide 5000 series open-front mold with a 10 inch (254 mm) slab.

*All dimensions are nominal.





















Only GOMACO Offers the Exclusive “Smart” Cylinders Featuring Push-Button Steering Control Setup on the Four-Track GHP-2800

Only GOMACO offers “smart” cylinders to aid in the setup and operation of the four-track paver, especially in minimum-clearance projects.

Steering control has been simplified with the exclusive “smart” cylinders, used for dependable steering control feedback, eliminating the sprocket, chain, and potentiometer at the top of each leg.

The “smart” cylinder reduces moving parts and eliminates the physical adjustments to the steering system.

GOMACO’s exclusive G+ control system makes it possible to have push-button steering setup. The “smart” cylinders can be taught the desired degree of leg rotation, so that the tracks do not strike any object in minimum-clearance requirements. The operator has the option of overriding this setting.



High Production and Serviceability are Key Factors on the GHP-2800



High production and serviceability are key factors of the GHP-2800. A fuel capacity of 125 gallons (473.2 L) combined with the engine's fuel efficiency provide an extended day of paving, resulting in higher production.

The segmented fiberglass shroud provides ease in serviceability. One section lifts up to allow access to the engine and service points. The battery box is located outside of the engine compartment for easier accessibility.





The GOMACO four track GHP-2800 is equipped with a 5400 series mold and Auto-Float to create the ultimate finish on a new roadway project.



This four-track GHP-2800 slipform paver is equipped with a side bar inserter (SBI) and an Auto-Float while working on a highway system.




Designed For Easy Transport

The GHP-2800 slipform paver is designed for easy transport. The two-track paver has a minimum transport width of 12 feet (3.66 m) and a transport length of 20 feet (6.1 m). The four-track paver has a minimum transport width of 8.2 feet (2.5 m) and a transport length of 36.9 feet (11.25 m). The transport height for the two-track machine with the mold attached is 11.2 feet (3.41 m) and the four-track machine with the mold attached is 11.1 feet (3.38 m). The minimum transport height without the mold is 10.2 feet (3.11 m) for the two-track and 10.1 feet (3.08 m) for the four-track.












For Additional Information


GHP-2800 Photos: Four-Track & Two-Track

GHP-2800 Slipform Paver Specifications

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