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Setting Milestones In Customer Education

Pride in innovations, education and teaching excellence drives GOMACO University to keep its owners, distributors, operators and mechanics up to date in the operation of GOMACO's line of paving equipment.

GOMACO University







Welcome to GOMACO University

GOMACO University was started in 1975 to help GOMACO machine owners successfully, profitably, and safely operate their equipment. Now, after more than 40 years of service and over 22,000 students later, the tradition continues. Annually, during the winter season, students travel to Ida Grove, Iowa, U.S.A., for training in order to learn the latest in technology on various GOMACO equipment.

Special training classes can be scheduled to fit your needs and schedules. GOMACO University personnel can fulfill these requests either at our facilities, or we can come to you.

Schedules are posted each fall for upcoming classes on this web site. You can also contact GOMACO University at 712-364-4781 or 800-831-2320, fax 712.364.4359, or e-mail gomacou@gomaco.com.


GOMACO University

Gary Godbersen, President & CEO of GOMACO Corporation, visits with students at GOMACO University.







What's New at GOMACO University For 2021

GOMACO University classes are available on most models of GOMACO equipment and will cover the maintenance and diagnostics on the GOMACO G+®, G22 and G21 control systems. A wide variety of 3D classes are also offered to help you understand the software, operation, and setup in order to pave smoothly and cost effectively without stringline. The 3D classes are taught by our specialized GOMACO 3D experts, alongside representatives from Topcon, Leica Geosystems', or Trimble.

GOMACO University has implemented new COVID-19 policies for the 2021 school season. Class sizes will be limited to 15 attendees to allow for social distancing in the classroom and shop. Masks are required at all times when at GOMACO University. Hand sanitizer stations will be available within each classroom and in the lunch room. Anyone attending classes should be healthy before they leave for Ida Grove, Iowa. University staff will be taking temperatures at the beginning of each day. If your temperature is verified at 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, you will be sent home immediately with your materials from the class, and will receive a $100 refund per non-attendance day.

GOMACO will make every effort to conduct the training sessions as scheduled. The minimum class size is eight attendees and the maximum class size will be limited to 15 students per class. GOMACO strongly recommends waiting to purchase airline tickets until one week before your scheduled training course and/or purchasing a refundable ticket. GOMACO reserves the right to cancel any class due to COVID-19 without any advance notice. The full registration fee for those who are registered will be returned upon cancellation of class due to COVID-19. GOMACO assumes no responsibility for transportation changes incurred relative to canceled or changed classes. In the event a student must cancel, the registration fee will be refunded in full if notice is received at least two weeks prior to the starting date of the requested session. If less than two weeks notice is given, a 60% cancellation fee may be applied. If a student fails to attend, with no notice given, the registration fee is forfeited. Your company may substitute a student up to the starting date of the class.


GOMACO University

Rod Schneider, GOMACO University Director of Training, takes students through a four-track Commander III presentation in the facility's state-of-the-art classroom.







GOMACO University - A Brief History

GOMACO University began as an in-house training program back in the early 1970s. It was during that time period that customers began asking for training in the method of slipform paving and the operation of GOMACO equipment. GOMACO filled these needs by starting a customer training program.

The first training sessions with GOMACO customers were held in the Godbersen-Smith Construction Company conference room in 1975. Also in 1975, GOMACO leased a building along Highways 59 & 175 in Ida Grove, Iowa, for the GOMACO Education Center. It consisted of a classroom large enough to accommodate 18 students and a shop area just large enough to fit the GOMACO equipment manufactured at that time.

In 1979, GOMACO purchased the diesel-generating plant from Iowa Public Service Company in Ida Grove. GOMACO remodeled the building, and the modern GOMACO University was born. Its doors were opened for the first class on April 21, 1980. In 2001, a second building was purchased for the GOMACO University Paving Center to facilitate the larger equipment and class sizes.

Dennis Clausen, GOMACO University's Director of Training since 1987, retired in December 2018. He helped teach more than 21,000 students through the years in the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of GOMACO machines. Rod Schneider, who has been the Training Coordinator at GOMACO University since 1989, was appointed GOMACO University Director of Training following Clausen's retirement, starting with the 2019 season.


GOMACO University

Class time is dedicated to troubleshooting the equipment, and the operation of the exclusive GOMACO G+ control system.







Safety is Our Number #1 Goal

First and foremost, safety is our top priority in teaching owners, crew members, operators, and maintenance personnel about the operation and maintenance of GOMACO machinery. Each student receives an operator’s manual for the course and a safety manual to take home with them. University instructors teach students how to prepare their machine for spring start-up in a safe and practical way, and how to prime their machine for storage during the winter months.


GOMACO University

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior at GOMACO University, there’s always something to learn. The importance of GOMACO University is proven best by those who return year after year to continue their education, along with aiding others based on their experiences in the field.







GOMACO Personnel are Always Ready to Assist

Learning from your fellow students and University personnel is one of the strongest reasons to attend GOMACO University.

Rod Schneider, Director of Training, and Doug Comstock, Parts Manager and Classroom Instructor, have a combined total of over 59 years of job site and classroom experience. Instructors also include GOMACO service personnel, who have a world of experience in setting up and working with GOMACO equipment. The instructors enjoy talking and building relationships with customers and students. A wealth of knowledge can also be found amongst your fellow classmates. Attendees can visit and learn from other students during the entire week, both in the classroom and working in the shop areas.


GOMACO University

GOMACO University Director of Training Rod Schneider (second from the right) is assisting students on how to properly operate the controls of the machine on one of the University trainers.







GOMACO University’s G+ control system simulator consoles were specifically designed to enhance training on the G+ control system for both slipform pavers and curb and gutter machines. The G+ control system simulators will allow students to improve their knowledge of electrical components, calibration adjustments, operating procedures, and diagnostics skills.


GOMACO University

Instructor Darin Lansink of the GOMACO Service Department (right) takes students through a troubleshooting session on the GOMACO University GUS I and II trainers.







A Learning Opportunity in Ida Grove

Our goal at GOMACO University is to provide everyone involved with GOMACO equipment with the skills and knowledge needed to profitably and safely operate and maintain their machines. We strive to provide attendees with an educational week of classes and a rewarding University experience.

Students will spend their time learning within the classroom and working with GOMACO trainers designed and built for the University. Masks are required to be worn at all times. GOMACO University instructors will be available all week to answer questions in the classroom and on a one-on-one basis.


GOMACO University

Ask our professional staff your questions about the machines so you can efficiently run the equipment on the job site.







State-of-the-Art University Facilities

Classes at GOMACO University are provided in two different buildings, located one short block from each other. One building is used for curb and gutter classes and the other is used for paving classes.

Curb and gutter and some 3D classes are held in the GOMACO University administration building. It has a classroom with state-of-the-art audio/video equipment and six elevated rows of seating, a shop area for training and diagnostics, and a cafeteria. GOMACO wearable items and premium gifts are also available for purchase at the administration building.

The GOMACO University paving center has classes on slipform pavers, trimmers, IDBI, and 3D. Along with a state-of-the-art classroom, it has an extra-large shop for training and diagnostics on larger machines. Both buildings display a wide variety of modern and historical job-site photos.


GOMACO University

GOMACO University students can learn 3D stringless guidance system tips and tricks from professionals in the field. You will learn what is involved with setting up and troubleshooting 3D guidance systems.







Students who have attended GOMACO University for five years are presented with a GOMACO University jacket. After students have reached the five-year mark, they are asked to bring their jacket back, so it can be updated each year with an additional chevron or embroidered date.


GOMACO University

Your operation can run with confidence when you have a GOMACO University trained individual on staff.