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Introducing The New Rubber-Tracked Placer



GOMACO proudly introduces the RTP-500 material placer. The rubber-tracked placer features the longest placing conveyor in the industry, easy operation, fast and easy job-site mobility, and a hydraulically folding rear conveyor.

At 35 feet (10.67 m), the RTP-500's rear conveyor is the longest in the industry. That means high production results for contractors. The conveyor specs out at 36 inches (914 mm) wide and has 170 degrees of hydraulic swing and 12 feet (3.66 m) of hydraulic elevation adjustment.

The rubber-tracked RTP-500 is powered by a John Deere PowerTech 6081T turbocharged diesel engine. It has an operating speed up to 100 fpm (30.48 mpm) and a travel speed up to 10 mph (16.1 km/h) making it one of the fastest placers in the industry.

Speed and mobility are just two of the RTP-500's features. GOMACO also designed it with an auger-style receiving hopper to handle the heavy concrete loads. The hopper is 10 feet 9 inches (3.28 M) wide and was built with the strength and durability to handle high-volume, end-dump paving operations. Two structural vibrators clean the hopper after each load.

The RTP-500 was designed to be easy to operate and user friendly. Its digital controller monitors and controls track travel mode, track steering functions, safety programming with track overrides, ramping conveyor speed for a smooth operation, and proportional rear conveyor swing for safe operation.

GOMACO designed the RTP-500 with transportability in mind. The rear conveyor hydraulically folds to minimize its shipping length. Transport width is 11 feet 9 inches (3.58 m), height of 11 feet 7 inches (3.53 m), and length of 37 feet 3 inches (11.35 m) with the conveyor folded.












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