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Introducing the All New GOMACO 4400, the Ultimate Barrier Machine!



The all-new 4400 slipforms right-side retaining wall next to a new sound wall along Interstate 95, a major roadway leading into Washington, D.C.

GOMACO Corporation proudly introduces the all new 4400, which features a totally new frame design for right-side and left-side slipforming. Its new Glide control console slides from side-to-side, for ultimate operator control and visibility of the paving operation. It features GOMACO's proprietary G+ control system, which is positively simple to understand and capable of operating in multiple languages.

The new 4400 was built around the design concept of a left-side and right-side slipforming capable machine with symmetric steering and minimal set-up changes for switching profiles from side-to-side. It has the new GOMACO Barrier Hook-and-Go mold mounting system to quickly mount barrier molds up to 39.4 inches (1000 mm) tall on either side of the machine. For barrier taller than 39.4 inches (1000 mm) or existing barrier molds, an optional GOMACO side-mount attachment is available. The GOMACO barrier mold itself is designed for proper vibration and consolidation of material, with the GOMACO-exclusive trailing stainless steel for superior finishing.

The barrier machine features the new 4400 series auger with the pitch and speed designed specifically for transporting low slump concrete. Its four-way hydraulic positioning capability allows the auger to be placed perfectly for concrete receiving and delivery to the mold on either side of the machine.

The 4400 features a Cummins QSB3.3, 99 horsepower (74 kW), Tier 3 diesel engine. The engine is power-optimized for fuel efficiency and approximately 18 hours of continuous barrier slipform paving. The high-capacity cooling package was designed for noise reduction and provides one of the quietest working platforms in the industry. The new G+ control system coordinates the speed of the hydraulic fan with engine and hydraulic oil temperature. The tractive system on the 4400 features super low, allowing for the minimum speed and slow, smooth crawl necessary for a vertical wall. The new G+ speed dial turns to adjust in one percent increments and speed display feedback allows for smooth, precision paving speed control.

Its unique GOMACO U-shaped operator's platform, with vibration isolation, puts the operator comfortably on top of the action. The U-shaped platform and side-to-side sliding console accommodate right-side and left-side pour and provide a 360 degree view of the entire paving operation. Safety is first in all of GOMACO's design considerations. The 4400 features track guards and ground level emergency stops to keep everyone safe while working around the machine.



4400 graphic

Left Side


4400 graphic

Right Side






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