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High-Volume Grade Preparation for Sidewalk Paving


GT-3400 trimmer

A GT-3400 trimmer’s long placing belt moves the trimmed material away from the machine and over the stringline. It is trimming 1.9 meters (6.2 ft) wide on this project in Canada.

High-volume sidewalk paving has become an increasingly popular application. GOMACO introduced the new GT-3200 sidewalk paver last year to fulfill contractors’ requests for a zero-clearance sidewalk machine. (See the GOMACO World story here.) This year, a new request was made for a sidewalk trimmer, because high-volume paving requires high-volume grade preparation. The result is the new GT-3400 trimmer for narrower, zero-clearance flat or monolithic sidewalk and curb and gutter.

The GT-3400 sidewalk trimmer is compact, transports at the width of the trimmerhead, and can easily fit between existing trees, utility poles and other obstacles in residential sidewalk paving. The three-track design features All-Track Steering for easy maneuverability between obstacles, getting on and off stringline, and loading and unloading the machine.

The GT-3400 sidewalk trimmer is capable of trimming standard and monolithic sidewalk profiles up to eight feet (2.4 m) wide. It also has a folding and swinging conveyor that allows the GT-3400 trimmer to operate in tight-clearance areas and avoid obstacles. Its trimmerhead features a hydraulically-controlled front gate that can be raised to trim through windrowed material or lowered for standard trimming.

It has two conveyors to move the material. It has a 15 foot (4.6 m) long, 15 inch (381mm) wide transfer conveyor. Its discharge belt is 19 feet (5.8 ft) long and 20 inches (508 mm) wide. The discharge belt can be hydraulically folded and then swung 90 degrees from center to avoid obstacles such as trees and utility poles. It can also discharge the trimmed material onto the ground or it has a high enough reach to unload into trucks.

The GT-3400 is operated by a wireless remote control allowing the operator the freedom to move around the job site while operating the machine.

GOMACO has also recently introduced the new Commander III trimmer, a high-production trimmer capable of widths up to 11 feet (3.4 m). The Commander III trimmer features the same framework as the curb and gutter model, but with a few modifications.



GT-3400 trimmer

The GT-3400 sidewalk trimmer is operated with a wireless remote control, features a folding and swinging conveyor, and a hydraulically-controlled front gate to trim through windrowed material.


Commander III sidewalk trimmer

The Commander III sidewalk trimmer features an undermounted trimmerhead capable of preparing grade for flat or monolithic sidewalk up to 11 feet (3.4 m) wide.




The right, front track has been switched to a pivoting front track to accommodate zero trimmerhead clearance on both sides. The front tracks are parallel and the trimmerhead is undermounted. The vibrator hydraulics for paving applications have been removed and replaced with special hydraulic pumps for a bigger, closed-loop trimmer pump. It has been equipped with the most powerful trimmer ever to be put on a Commander III.

The powerful trimmerhead has 114 horsepower (85 kW) of the total engine power dedicated to it and is capable of trimming flat or monolithic sidewalk profiles up to 11 feet (3.4 m) wide. It features adjustable length teeth, so the contractor can make minor changes to monolithic profiles. The trimmerhead has three air shocks to keep it stable during the trimming process. Also, in the event it would hit a large rock or other object, the air shocks reduce some of the force of impact into the Commander III’s main frame.

The Commander III trimmer has two conveyors to move the material through the machine and away from the trimmed grade. The transfer conveyor moves material from the trimmerhead on the front of the machine towards the discharging conveyor at the back of the machine. Each belt is 11 feet (3.4 m) long and 20 inches (508 mm) wide. The discharge conveyor has seven feet (2.1 m) of sliding capabilities to place the material over the stringline, away from the trimming operation, and can also discharge to the center of the roadway.

The Commander III trimmer was built to be easy to transport. Its shipping width is only 11 feet (3.4 m) and it can be driven onto a trailer and transported as a single unit.

The trimming conversion can be retrofitted to higher horsepower existing new generation Commander IIIs with the G21 or newer GOMACO control systems.





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