4400 barrier

4400 Barrier Paver


4400 barrier



True Right-Side and Left-Side Slipforming


GOMACO U-shaped operator's platform, with vibration isolation, puts the operator comfortably on top of the action.

Control console slides from side-to-side for ultimate operator control. When not in operation, the console locks safely away in center position. New proprietary G+® control system operates in multiple languages.

Power-optimized Cummins QSB3.3, 99 hp (74 kW) diesel engine.

Hydraulic leg height adjustment of 36 inches (914 mm), manual adjustment of eight inches (203 mm).

Piston-style legs with bearings on both ends of the inner tube eliminate steel on steel contact. Steel keyway on cylindrical inner tube provides steering control.

GOMACO-exclusive trailing stainless steel for a superior finish.

Barrier Hook-and-Go mold mounting system for barrier up to 39.4 inches (1000 mm) tall. (Side-mount option available for taller or existing profiles.)

Track circuits provide up to 37 feet per minute (11 mpm) operating speed and up to 98 feet per minute (30 mpm) for job-site mobility.

Front and rear telescoping legs on both sides.

Industrial strength molded leg caps provide component protection.

4400 series auger built with pitch and speed designed specifically for low-slump concrete.

16 inch (406 mm) diameter auger.

Four-way hydraulic positioning allows perfect placement of the auger for concrete receiving and delivery to the mold on either side of the 4400.
1. Pivoting Tilt
2. Pivoting Swing
3. Longitudinal Slide
4. Sideshifting

Optional molds available for barrier, parapet, curb and gutter, and sidewalk.








Designed For Safety

The 4400 is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. The emergency stop buttons are on the operator's console, and on corners of the machine, which are easily accessible from the ground level. Another safety feature is a backup alarm, which is designed to alert personnel around the machine when the tracks are set to operate in reverse. Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, an operator's manual, and a safety manual.

GOMACO Corporation recommends the implementation of all safety procedures.



G+® Controls – Positively Simple!

GOMACO's Exclusive Proprietary Software And Control System

4400 G+ controls

The 4400 barrier paver features the exclusive GOMACO G+ control system with self-diagnostics for grade and steering. It is able to operate in multiple languages, by customer choice, and offers metric or imperial measurements. The G+ control system has been designed in-house by GOMACO's control experts. It features new and easy-to-operate hardware with steering and travel dials. The elevation jog buttons, located to the left of the display screen, are used to manually change the elevation of the leg when the control loop is set to manual mode. The steering jog buttons, located above the display screen, are used to manually change the steer direction of the leg when the control loop is in the manual mode. A full color display on the control panel illustrates the various aspects of the paver for set up and operation.





4400 variable barrier

High-production variable barrier was achieved with a GOMACO RTP-500 rubber-tracked placer and 4400 barrier machine.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 42.1.




4400 tall wall

Production on this project near Springdale, Arkansas, averaged 600 feet (183 m) per night. The contractor slipformed 76 to 78 inch (1930 to 1981 mm) tall wall over steel-cage reinforcing with a GOMACO 4400.




4400 bridge parapet

This crew slipforms new bridge parapet on a flyover for the Memphis I-40/240 interchange project. They are working 108 feet (33 m) above ground level with their GOMACO 4400 barrier paver.

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4400 barrier

The hydraulic system design of the 4400, along with the effectiveness of load-sensed pumps, proportional solenoids, and the G+ control system, helps to optimize fuel efficiency for a minimum of 18 hours of operation per tank.




4400 sidewalk

The 4400 paves a sidewalk with finishers applying a hand-broomed texture behind the machine.




4400 barrier

A 9500 placer works in front of a 4400 barrier paver on a project in southern Russia. The project is the M4 Don Federal Highway between the cities of Rostov-on-Don and Karasnodar in southern Russia.




4400 slot drain

The 4400 slipforms a 19.7 inch (500 mm) slot drain.

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4400 slot drain

This photo shows the view from the top of the 4400 looking down on a new slot drain.




4400 barrier

This 4400 is slipforming barrier wall on projects around the Washington, D.C., area.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 39.2.




4400 barrier

The 4400's U-shaped operator's platform, with vibration isolation, puts the operator comfortably on top of the action. The U-shaped platform and side-to-side sliding console accommodate right-side and left-side pour and provide a 360 degree view of the entire paving operation.




4400 barrier

The right-side pour barrier wall is slipformed on top of a footer, right next to a new sound wall along the Capital Beltway.




4400 barrier

The 4400 uses 3D stringless technology to slipform a barrier.




4400 barrier

This contractor used one of their existing barrier molds on their first pour with their new 4400.




4400 u channel

This 4400 slipforms left-side pour U-channel,500 millimeters (19.7 in) tall, below grade next to an existing roadway on the island of Mauritius.




4400 barrier

The 4400 slipforms left-side mount barrier wall next to traffic.




4400 shipping

GOMACO's 4400, with the auger still attached, can be driven right into a container for ease in ocean freight shipping.




4400 shipping

A wired remote, which interfaces with the 4400's G+ control system, was designed to guide the machine into and out of the container.




4400 tall variable barrier

This 4400 slipformed a variable barrier with 36 inches (914 mm) of variable height adjustment on each side and can reach a wall height as tall as 6.5 feet (2 m).




4400 graphic




4400 graphic, undermounted mold, right side pour

Rear View: Undermounted, left-side pour– maximum barrier wall height of 39.4 inches (1000 mm). Molds can also be undermounted for right-side pours.




4400 graphic, undermounted mold, left side pour

Front View: Undermounted, left-side pour– maximum barrier wall height of 39.4 inches (1000 mm).




4400 graphic, undermounted sidewalk

Undermounted sidewalk up to 8.2 feet (2.5 m) wide.




Versatility with Attaching the Mold

Taller or existing barrier molds can be utilized on the 4400. Side-mounting adaptors for the molds include adding a section of framework and adaptor flanges (shown below). The added sections allow these molds to be attached to the 4400.


4400 graphic, side mount attachments




4400 graphic, side mount barrier, left side pour

Left-side pour, with side-mounting attachments for barrier wall over 39.4 inches (1000 mm) tall or existing barrier molds.





Versatility with Leg Placement and Mold Positioning Options

Both of these drawings illustrate the maximum amount of sideshift available on the 4400's barrier mold and tracks in either the right-side or left-side pour configuration. The hydraulic mold mounting beams telescope on the right or left side up to 36 inches (914 mm).


4400 graphic, right side barrier

Right-Side Barrier




4400 graphic, left side barrier

Left-Side Barrier




Shipping Dimensions


4400 graphic




4400 graphic





4400 Specifications


Turbocharged diesel.
Model: Cummins QSB3.3.
Power: 99 hp (74 kW) at 2200 rpm.


Fuel Reservoir:
100 gal. (378.5 L).
Fuel Efficiency: Hydraulic system design with the effectiveness of load-sensed pumps, proportional solenoids, and the G+ control system optimize fuel efficiency for a minimum of 18 hours of operation per tank.
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir: 150 gal. (567.8 L).


Controls: GOMACO's proprietary G+ control system.
Display: Full-color display provides diagnostics and feedback with multiple language capability.


Three axial piston, load-sensed pumps; one axial piston, pressure-compensated pump; one open-loop gear pump.
Oil Cooling: Integrated with engine cooling package using hydraulic, variable speed fan.
Filtration: Two 10 micron tank return filters, one 10 micron high-pressure filter, two 100 mesh suction strainers.


Hydraulically powered, motor in head.
Control: Variable speed, independent control synchronized with machine movement.
Quantity: Six hydraulic circuits and four hydraulic vibrators included standard.


Optional molds available for barrier, parapet, curb and gutter, and sidewalk.


Barrier Hook-and-Go mold mount for either left-side or right-side barrier included.
Hydraulic Sideshift: 36 in. (914 mm).


Direct drive via radial piston hydraulic motor.
Length: 15 ft. (4.57 m).
Auger Diameter: 16 in. (406 mm).
Auger Speed: Variable up to 116 rpm.
Auger Mount: Features hydraulic positioning in four directions, including: pivoting tilt, pivoting swing, longitudinal slide and sideshifting.
Wear Surface: Features replaceable auger flight liners.


High-pressure water pump, hydraulically driven.
Capacity: 100 gal. (378.5 L).


Four hydraulically powered, gear-driven crawler tracks.
Overall Track Length: 5.12 ft. (1.56 m).
Sprocket Center to Idler Center Length: 40 in. (1016 mm).
Track Pad Width: 11.8 in. (300 mm).
Gearbox Reduction: 100:1.
Track Speed: Up to 37 fpm (11 mpm) in paving mode. Up to 98 fpm (30 mpm) in transport mode.
Track Tension: Fully automatic, hydraulically controlled.
Leg Height Adjustment: 36 in. (914 mm) hydraulic, 8 in. (203 mm) manual.
Telescoping Framework for Hydraulic Track Positioning: 36 in. (914 mm) right-front and right-rear; 24 in. (610 mm) left-front and left-rear.


8.4 ft. (2.56 m).
Length: 27.5 ft. (8.38 m).
Width: 7.6 ft. (2.32 m).
Weight: approximately 30,000 lb. (13,608 kg).
(Shipping requirements may vary depending on machine configuration.)


42 in. (1067 mm) stroke available.
Vibrators: two additional circuits available for up to eight total.
Auger: extended auger available for larger barrier applications.
Mold Mounts: side mount available for either left-hand or right-hand pour.
Mold Mounts: quick-attach drawbar, hold-down for mounting sidewalk or curb molds.
Molds: various barrier, parapet, sidewalk, and curb molds built to specifications.
Mold Options: various mold options available including hydraulic sideplates, sidewalk auger, curb depressors, etc.
Tracks: polyurethane track pads available.
Other options are available to customize the machine to accommodate customer needs.









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