GP-2400 Slipform Paver


• The GOMACO GP-2400 is designed for paving up to 16 feet (4.88 m) wide with the standard telescoping frame and up to 24 feet (7.3 m) wide with frame inserts.

• Available as a two-track or four-track slipform paver.

• GOMACO’s GP-2400 has telescoping capabilities of up to six feet (1.83 m) on the left side of the paver.

• The exclusive G+® digital control system easily interfaces with stringline or 3D machine guidance to slipform all of your project needs.

• T-beam mounting rail for accurate and quick mold positioning, quick mounting, and removal of the mold.

• A U-shaped operator’s platform is designed with the operator in mind. It provides easy access to the controls, a skid-resistant surface, and ultimate visibility.

• The GP-2400 can slipform bidirectional barrier with the four-track slipform paver.

• Designed for minimum machine transport width for faster, easier, cost-effective job-to-job mobility.

• Pivoting legs on the four-track slipform paver swing for easy positioning during operation and to the outboard position for easy loading and transport.

• Optional rotary-sensored slew drives are located on all four tracks for the ultimate in smart steering technology and Xtreme steering with the tracks having the ability to steer farther than ever before.











The two-track GP-2400 was designed for minimum transport width and for easy transportability between job sites.



GP-2400 with slew drives

This four-track GP-2400 features optional rotary-sensored slew drives.




The operator's platform provides a complete view of the paving operation.



GP-2400 barrier

The versatile design of the GP-2400 four-track paver allows it to be a barrier machine capable of slipforming with or against traffic.






GOMACO GP-2400 Concrete Slipform Paver
3 minutes 26 seconds



GOMACO Air-Powered Side Bar Inserter For GOMACO Concrete Slipform Pavers
1 minutes 35 seconds



GOMACO Hydraulic Side Bar Inserter
1 minutes 36 seconds







Designed For Safety

The GP-2400 is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. The emergency stop buttons are on the operator's console, and on corners of the machine, which are easily accessible from the ground level. Another safety feature is a backup alarm, which is designed to alert personnel around the machine when the tracks are set to operate in reverse. Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, an operator's manual, and a safety manual. GOMACO machines are also designed to provide the operator with excellent visibility over the entire paving operation.

GOMACO Corporation recommends the implementation of all safety procedures.





GP-2400 Pours Safety Barrier With or Against Traffic


GP-2400 graphic


The versatile design of the GP-2400 four-track paver allows it to be a unique barrier machine capable of slipforming with or against traffic. Barrier paving is accomplished by swinging the paver’s four legs to the outboard or transport position. The G+ control system on the GP-2400 has the ability to pave in Normal, Transport Mode Right, or Transport Mode Left. A 24 inch (610 mm) wide conveyor attaches to mountings on the front of the machine for concrete delivery and can be positioned accordingly.





GP-2400 municipal paving

The GP-2400’s ability to pave up to 24 feet (7.3 m) wide in tight, urban conditions makes it an ideal municipal paver. A two-track GP-2400 slipforms this new city street with a female keyway, in between existing obstacles.



GP-2400 city street

The GOMACO RTP-500 places concrete over dowel baskets in front of a two-track GP-2400 slipforming a new city street.



GP-2400 dairy pad

A two-track GP-2400 is slipforming a dairy pad against the existing feed bunk. The left end frame and leg straddle the feed bunk, and sonic sensors are being used within the bunk for grade.



GP-2400 with 5000 series paving mold and spreader plow

Existing trees created tight-clearance conditions for this four-track GP-2400. The paver is equipped with a 5000 series paving mold and a spreader plow to level the concrete ahead of the slipform paver.



GP-2400 mainline paving

Mainline highway paving is being performed with ease using this four-track GP-2400 equipped with 3D machine guidance.



GP-2400 polymer overlay

A GP-2400 paves a 0.75 inch (19 mm) thick polymer overlay on a new bridge deck.



GP-2400 barrier

When transitioned into transport mode, the four-track GP-2400 is capable of slipforming barrier wall up to seven feet (2.13 m) tall.



GP-2400 scab-on shoulder

The GP-2400 with a sidemounted mold paves scab-on shoulder using 3D machine guidance.





GOMACO's 3100 and Optional 5000 Open-Front Mold

3100 series open front mold


(1) The spreader/auger on the 3100 series open-front mold is a 14 inch (356 mm) auger with a maximum speed of 33 rpm. The spreader/auger on the 5000 series open-front mold has a 16 inch (406 mm) auger and maximum speed of 28 rpm.

(2) Vibration is provided to the throat area of the mold for consolidation of concrete. The vibrators, with an automatic on/off control, activated with machine movement, are hydraulically powered with variable speeds up to 10,500 vpm. The vibrator position is hydraulically controlled for start of paving and lifting over the bulkhead to finish paving.

(3) The GOMACO tamper bar system tamps down the aggregate level below the surface of the pan. The tamper bar is hydraulically powered with an automatic on/off control, activated with machine movement.

(4) The 3100 series mold and stainless is 48 inches (1219 mm) from front to back. The 5000 series mold and stainless is 60 inches (1524 mm) from front to back.

(5) Adjustable stainless steel is exclusive to the GOMACO paving mold systems.



GP-2400 interstate lane

Minimum clearance is achieved with the four-track GP-2400 using 3D machine guidance to slipform a new interstate lane with existing traffic running next to the paving operation.



GP-2400 with high-rise tracks

A GOMACO four-track GP-2400 with optional rotary-sensored slew drives slipforms a highway using 3D machine guidance. The left side is using high-rise tracks that are only six inches (152 mm) wide to achieve minimum clearance.



GP-2400 scab-on lane with integral curb

The GOMACO four-track GP-2400 scabs on a single lane with an integral curb on the right side during a night pour using 3D machine guidance.









Optional 5400 Series Paving Mold


• 5400 series paving mold features a box design with durable 0.5 inch (13 mm) thick paving skin.

• Vertically-adjustable mold mount for precise leveling of mold to machine.

• Telescoping end sections with 24 inches (610 mm) of width variation on each side are optional.

• Edge slump adjustment.

• Hydraulic Vertical Hinged Sideplates, self-contained inside the mold.

• Pressure-compensated sideplates are standard.

• Split sideplates are optional on the 5400 series paving mold.

• Folding sideplate wings for transporting without removing.

• Pivoting mold mounting beam to eliminate stress points, created by crowning the mold.

• Self-supported power transition adjuster (PTA) is hydraulically driven with 3.5 inch (89 mm) ACME screws for up to a six inch (152 mm) crown.

• Front and rear top T-bar on mold for attaching accessories and structural integrity.

• Inserts are bolted together with front and rear alignment pins for easy mold assembly.

• Vibrator mounting tube attaches to T-bar on mold.
– Vertical vibrator lift.
– Rear lubrication system with grease zerks accessible from the work bridge.

• Tamper bar optional.

• Trailing stainless optional.




GOMACO 5400 series mold box design

The box design of the 5400 series mold has a 54 inch (1372 mm) finishing length front to back and is equipped with a durable 0.5 inch (13 mm) thick paving skin that is welded to the mold to increase the structural integrity.




telescoping end sections

Telescoping End Sections for Easy Width Changes

Inserts are available in quarter-inch (6 mm), half-inch (13 mm), three inch (76 mm), or six inch (152 mm) increments. This drawing shows a six inch (152 mm) insert for the telescoping end section.







telescoping end section

The end section can be telescoped from five to seven feet (1.52 to 2.13 m).







telescoping end section

A six inch (152 mm) insert is lifted and hooked into place after the end section telescopes out.





GP-2400 with 5400 series paving mold

A GP-2400 featuring a 5400 series mold with two telescoping end sections, end slump adjustment, and a self-supported PTA paves a new airport ramp.







telescoping end sections

Telescope the end section out and add your desired insert size, along with the front insert plate, into the 5400 series mold. Then retract the telescoping end section and resume paving.



telescoping end sections

The 5400 series mold's telescoping end section with an integral curb on one side of the mold.





Bar Insertion Versatility


Bar Insertion Systems Designed to Fit Your Project Specifications

GOMACO offers several bar insertion systems that are designed to accommodate your project specifications. Hydraulic cylinder, air-powered, and manual insertion are the three types of bar insertion. Bar inserters include the frame-mounted, sidemounted, 5400 series, and trailing form. GOMACO’s bar inserters provide easy and accurate bar placement to job specifications.



5400 Series Bar Inserter

5400 series bar inserter

5400 series bar inserter

The 5400 series bar inserter is front or rear loading and front inserting for ease of use. It mounts to the mold's T-bar and allows on-the-go crown changes, while maintaining a constant depth. The bar box is mounted to the paver's rear T-beam mounting rail for easy access and loading of the bar magazine. There are individual depth guides on the right and the left side of the bar inserter in order to keep bars parallel to the top of slab. The 5400 series bar inserter can hold up to 50 bars in the bar magazine and bar loading chain system.




trailing form

The trailing form with manual, air-powered, or hydraulic bar insertion is designed to trail the track on two-track pavers. This system will accommodate most types of bars.




trailing form with air-powered bar insertion

Trailing form with air-powered bar insertion.




male keyway with side bar inserter

Male keyway with side bar inserter (SBI).





hydraulic powered magazine-style side bar inserter

The hydraulic powered magazine-style side bar inserter allows personnel to load multiple bars into a magazine clip. The bar inserter then releases a single bar and places it at the specified distance.




The hydraulic system includes vibration to the bar, and is designed for large bars. Vibration is applied to the bar during insertion, which provides consolidation of concrete around the bars. This system requires one vibrator circuit. The minimum slab depth required is six inches (152 mm) and the maximum bar length is 48 inches (1219 mm).

hydraulic powered bar inserter

The four-track paver’s hydraulic powered bar inserter is located in front of the rear paver leg at the end of the mold.




hydraulic powered bar inserter

The two-track hydraulic powered bar inserter trails behind the mold and tracks.







Trailing Form and Bar Inserter

The trailing form and manual bar inserter is designed to trail the track on a two-track paver. This system will accommodate most types of bars.

trailing form and manual bar inserter
trailing form and manual bar inserter
trailing form and manual bar inserter

The photos above show the trailing form and manual bar inserter raised to position as the machine comes off the header.



trailing form and manual bar inserter
trailing form and manual bar inserter

When the slipforming begins, the trailing form is lowered and the manual bar insertion resumes.





GOMACO’s Navigator


• The GOMACO Navigator software and display screen is an optional add-on for your paver to bring all of your G+ paver accessories together for easy control and monitoring.

• The touchscreen can be mounted at ground level on the paver to allow personnel the ability to fine tune the slipform paver's performance and configure settings for the GSI® (GOMACO Smoothness Indicator), SBI (side bar inserter), TBI (tie bar inserter), and PTA (power transition adjuster).

• Ground personnel can monitor the elevation and steering deviations for the machine and adjust sensitivities when required. The deviation meters are customizable and can be shown in a G+ bar graph, circular, or oscilloscope/histogram mode.

• The Navigator can be configured to make G+ accessories available on older G21/G22 slipform pavers.


Navigator’s home screen

Navigator G+ paver home screen shown.






Navigator GSI


• GSI (GOMACO Smoothness Indicator) utilizes compact and ruggedized CAN-based sonic sensors and a CAN-based digital slope sensor to read the smoothness profile anywhere on the slab’s surface.

• The GSI is mounted on lightweight aluminum to allow for easy handling and assembly with less maintenance. The lower profile mounting system allows the work bridge to be mounted directly above the GSI, if needed.

• The optional Navigator’s GSI (GOMACO Smoothness Indicator) screen allows ground personnel to monitor paving smoothness for up to four GSI traces (two visible at a time) using either a real-time localized roughness graph or a simulated California profilograph.

• The machine speed is now logged, which makes it possible to relate the machine speed with the smoothness, as well as automatically track the machine's start and stop events.


Navigator’s GSI trace screen

The Navigator’s GSI trace screen showing the simulated California profilograph graph.



digital diagnostics

The LCD screens provide digital diagnostics at the sensor location or can send readouts to the optional Navigator system attached on the side of the paver.








Navigator Accessories

• The ACC (Accessories) tab on the Navigator will allow ground personnel to monitor the real time operation of the tie bar inserter (TBI), side bar inserter (SBI), and power transition adjuster (PTA).

• The Navigator supports up to four PTAs. To transition the PTAs, simply enter the new target height values for each PTA, enter the transition distance, and press start transition. The yellow line represents the current height of each PTA, and the red line represents the target height for each PTA.

• Up to four TBIs and two SBIs are supported on the Navigator. The machine position in relation to the current dowel bar spacings is indicated by the red vertical line that will travel across the screen when the machine is moving. When the paver (red line) passes a TBI/SBI fire position, the fire lamps are illuminated.


ACC (Accessories) screen

ACC (Accessories) Screen shows how many PTAs, TBIs, and SBIs are set up on the paver, and the distance between them.



TBI/SBI setup menu

Personnel enter the number of bars required between each horizontal joint into the TBI/SBI setup menu. Navigator then calculates the space between each bar and the horizontal joint and makes managing bar placement simple and easy.








Two-Track GP-2400


GP-2400 graphic





GP-2400 graphic





GP-2400 graphic





GP-2400 graphic





GP-2400 graphic







Four-Track GP-2400


GP-2400 graphic






GP-2400 graphic





GP-2400 graphic





GP-2400 graphic





GP-2400 graphic







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