G+® Remote Control


G+ remote



The GOMACO G+ Remote Is Available For Use with Any GOMACO Three-Track Curb and Gutter Machine Currently Equipped with the G+ Operating System.


• Provides Safety and Freedom to Move Around the Machine.

• Hands-On Control at All Times.

• Emergency Stop is Always Within Reach.

• Operator can Work from the Operator’s Platform or from the Ground.

• Lightweight for Operator Comfort.

• Features a 4.3 Inch (109 mm) Graphic Display Screen.

• Display Screen Features Run Functions of the Machine.

• Operator has Individual Control Over Each Leg with the Automatic/Manual Adjustments for Elevation and Steering.

• Two Lithium-Ion Batteries and a 12-Volt Charger are Included with Purchase of the Remote. An optional AC Adapter is Available.








Exclusive G+ Remote Control For Hands-On Safety


G+ remote




Underside of the Controller


G+ remote






G+ remote

The operator can work from the operator’s platform or on the ground with the G+ remote in order to get the best view of the paving operation.




G+ remote

This operator in Canada told GOMACO’s service representative, “This is exactly what I have been wanting.”




G+ remote

The GOMACO service representative asked the operator about the weight of the new G+ remote. He said that after wearing the remote for two hours of paving, he forgot it was even around his waist because it was so light.




G+ remote

The remote has safety features like the emergency stop button and the alert horn located in convenient locations for quick access. There are also tilt and impact sensors in the remote for an automatic safety stop.










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Download The G+ Remote Control Brochure (PDF)