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Two-Lift Paving System

PHOTO: TWO-LIFTRevolutionizing Slipform Paving Worldwide

GOMACO's revolutionary two-lift paving system draws from paving experience with two-lift applications from the past 25 years.



The Two-Lift In Action....

  • GOMACO's design loads the second layer of concrete by a specially designed transfer system added to the front of the paver that places the material into a unique hopper located under the paver.
  • A special paving system provides proper vibration and consolidation to the individual layers to give the surface a smooth GOMACO finish.
  • GOMACO's patented mold incorporates two-layer paving into a single mold design. This system eliminates the use of more equipment for the job and eliminates having to extend the paver to great lengths between the front and back legs for second layer paving. This system has the ability to change the depth of the top layer without modifications to the machine with an adjustable leading strike-off. The single mold design features leading vibrators, spreading auger and an adjustable strike-off for the first layer of concrete.
  • The second layer features a hopper design to be charged with a conveyor auger system, a spreading auger and a unique tamper bar for consolidation before the second strike-off.

The GOMACO two-lift system allows the incorporation of the In-The-Pan Dowel Bar Insertion (IDBI) System.




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