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GOMACO World 32.2 - July 2004

GSI® In Testing and In the Field

The GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI®) was one of 68 road profilers that took part in the Federal Highway Administration's "Profiler Round-Up" study in April. The profilers were tested on two separate tracks in Blacksburg, Virginia, and Newville, Pennsylvania. The study, which was performed by the University of Michigan Transportation Institute, will compare the different types of profilers to help improve methods for verifying their results.

The GSI is unique to other profilers with its ability to measure the smoothness of both wet or cured concrete slabs. It can be mounted to either the back of the paver or the GSI framework and can record up to eight traces per pass. Any irregularities in the slab are identified, their location recorded by a distance tracking encoder, and contractors can then repair the concrete surface while it's still in the plastic state.

In the photo below, a GSI is mounted to the back of a GP-2600, in the center of the paver, slipforming on an airport project in Cherokee, Iowa. GOMACO will soon begin a research project with Iowa State University where four GSI units will be mounted on the back of a GP-3000 paver.


The GSI, mounted to the back of a GP-2600 and in the center of the paver, monitors pavement smoothness on an airport project in Cherokee, Iowa.




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