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GOMACO World 35.2 - July 2007

Paving Roadway Through Two Tunnel Projects in Japan

Two Japanese contractors have been hard at work paving the roadway through two tunnel projects within their country. Both of the tunnels are located on the Meishin Highway in central and western Japan.

Typically, tunnel roadways are handformed in Japan. It was always a concern to be able to keep half of the tunnel’s width open to construction traffic and machinery. Half-width slipform paving is gaining popularity though, and the successful completion of these two tunnel projects is helping the process make even more progress.

Both projects have been slipformed with GOMACO Commander III pavers. Its size and versatility is perfect for the tight working conditions inside a tunnel.

The first project, Suzuka Tunnel Paving Work of the Second Meishin Highway Road, is located between Kameyama City, Mie-Ken, to Koga City, Shiga-Ken. The project is a joint venture between contractors Taisei-Rotec Corporation and Fukuda Road Company Ltd. Taisei-Rotec used their RTP-500 rubber-tracked placer and their four-track Commander III to slipform 114,000 m3 (149,106 yd3) of new concrete roadway over continuous steel reinforcing. The road was completed in two paving passes, which allowed half of the tunnel’s width to remain open to construction traffic at all times.

The second project, Rittou Tunnel Paving Work of the Second Meishin Highway Road, is located by Rittou City, Shiga-Ken. The project was a joint venture between Nihon Road and Okumura-Gumi Civil Engineering Company Ltd. K-Con Company Ltd. was the contractor responsible for the concrete slipform work.

K-Con used an RTP-500 and a four-track Commander III to slipform approximately 52,000 m3 (68,013 yd3) of new tunnel roadway over continuous steel reinforcing.


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Rittou Tunnel Profile

Suzuka Tunnel Profile

A Commander III slipforms roadway out of the Rittou Tunnel on Meishin Highway Road in Japan.

A Commander III slipforms the new roadway through Japan’s Suzuka Tunnel project.

The RTP-500 has an extended truck pusher to accommodate the specially-designed concrete trucks working in the tunnel.



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