Commander III With IDBI


We’ve taken your Commander III four-track to the next level in concrete slipform paving...


Look at Your Commander III Now!

Introducing the new GOMACO IDBI attachment... an independent unit providing dowel bar insertion behind the paver –


• Independent attachment is self-contained, self-powered, and inserts transverse joint bars in pavements up to 16 feet (4.88 m) wide.

• IDBI powered by its own engine

• Crane with rechargeable wireless remote control has 21 feet (6.4 m) of reach and 6500 pound (2948 kg) lifting capacity.

• Outriggers on the attachment have 48 inches (1219 mm) of stroke and can be hydraulically lowered and placed on the ground to support the full weight of the IDBI as it is attached to or detached from the paver. The outriggers are also used to raise the unit so a trailer can be backed underneath for transport.

• CAN cable connects IDBI’s controls to controller on the Commander III and allows the two systems to communicate.

• Bar-loading tray accommodates dowel bars ranging in size from one to 1.5 inch (25-38 mm) in diameter and from 18 to 20 inches (457-508 mm) in length.

• Has the new adjustable-height bar extractors, and a patented bar tray for easy bar spacing and width changes.

• Hydraulically telescoping leg pivots on the rear of the paver allow the machine to achieve sufficient length to mount the IDBI to the paver. It also allows the legs to be retracted to meet shipping requirements or to pave without the IDBI.

• New piston-style legs utilize a round inner tube and a keyway for steering control.

• Insertion forks designed to reduce amount of scarring and vibration enhances consolidation of concrete around bars.





















GOMACO's Commander III: Now Chosen For Dowel Bar Insertion

The Commander III four-track with IDBI attachment slipforms a new lane for a roadway project in Fresno, California.




A Commander III with IDBI attachment slipforms 12 feet (3.7 m) wide on a project in Marietta, Ohio.




Patented insertion forks provide the industry standard in bar placement accuracy.




The IDBI attachment has outriggers, capable of supporting its full weight, for attaching or detaching from the paver, or raising for transport on a trailer.




A scab-on, single lane rehabilitation project.




The four-track Commander III and IDBI attachment is capable of paving widths up to 16 feet (4.9 m).




The Commander III features the 3100 series open-front mold with auger and adjustable stainless providing the superior GOMACO finish.














Commander III IDBI Illustrations





The Commander III backs up to the IDBI attachment to make a synchronized paving system.





Commander III with IDBI attachment.





Front View





Rear View





GOMACO G+ Control System

The IDBI controls have all been designed in-house by GOMACO controls engineers. Its new GOMACO G+ control system is easy to learn and operator-friendly. The IDBI information is presented in full color, commands are presented in full text, and is able to operate in several languages, by customer's choice. It offers the choice of metric or imperial measurements. The new IDBI control system also offers troubleshooting capabilities and other features that will make start up and general paving each day faster and easier.















MANUFACTURED UNDER ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING U.S. OR FOREIGN PATENTS: 3,299,786; 3,450,011; 3,541,931; 3,779,661; 3,959,977; 4,073,592; 4,136,993; 4,226,917; 4,343,513; 4,360,293; D-266,850; 853,607; 861,819; 954,773; 406,787; 1,147,187; 133,220; D-512,249; 4,717,282; 4,457,645; C-1,110,893; C-1,191,044; 12,890-1-0010; 5,061,115; 7,509,187; 7,509,615; 5,102,267; 5,101,360; 4,954,019; 4,984,639; 5,190,397; 5,209,602; 0,518,535; 2,067,126; 494,257; 69,031,836.7-08; 2,069,516; 5,924,817; 2,833,084; 7,044,680; 7,284,472; 7,284,472; 7,517,171 B2 AND PATENTS PENDING.

GOMACO Corporation reserves the right to make improvements in design, material, and/or changes in specifications at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation related to such changes. Performance data is based on averages and may vary from machine to machine.







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Download The Commander III With IDBI Brochure (PDF)

Download The IDBI Attachment Brochure (PDF)

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