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GP-2600 and T/C-400

Dragados used their two-track GP-2600 to place this strip of runway in Santiago, Chile, while the T/C-400 tined and cured the slab.




Commander III

Shirley Concrete Company's new generation Commander III pouring 2.13m (seven feet) wide golf cart path for Taunton Pines Golf Course in Enterprise, Alabama.




parapet tunnel wallCommander III

Kerbing West slipforms parapet tunnel wall with their new Commander III in Perth, Western Australia. The wall is 965mm (38 in) tall and slipformed against a no-fines concrete base.





Hormigones Rocafuerte paving a roadway in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with their GP-2600 with Auto-Float®.





Esuco S.A. uses their GP-2600 to pave a runway at El Aeropuerto de Lago Argentino in El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina.








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