GOMACO World Index --- GOMACO World 27.4 - January 2000


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The Fujian Province Ministry of Communications sponsored a three-day slipforming paving seminar in Longyan City, China. The event included two and one-half days of classroom lecturing about slipform paving. A live paving demonstration with Xiamen Highway Bureau's GHP-2800 was held on the final day. Over 100 people including government officials attended the event from the Fujian and Guangdong Province.




Datong Road and Bridge used a GHP-2800, equipped with an Auto-Float®, to slipform a roadway near Datong, China.




Song Du slipforms retainer wall with their Commander III 60km (37 mi) from Taegu, Korea.




Walo's new generation Commander III four-track comes off the header in Krevlinger, Switzerland. Walo's machine is the first new generation Commander III in Europe.