Commander III four-track

Four-Track Commander III


Commander III four-track



• The Commander III is the best selling multi-purpose machine of all time. Voted Roads & Bridges magazine’s Contractor’s Choice Award for both slipform paving and curb and gutter applications every year since 2007.

• The GOMACO Commander III is all about vision, safety, performance, and the operator.

• The Hydraulic Package on the Commander III provides independent hydraulic travel circuits to each track allowing G+® to control each individual track speed through a radius.

• The engine with its rear facing cooling package is designed for better operator visibility, quieter operation, and to provide clean air intake to the radiator while avoiding the concrete loading from a front-facing design. The redesigned engine shroud also allows for easy access to service and fill points.

• An optimized cooling package with a hydraulic fan, controlled by G+, adapts the cooling needs to job-site conditions for both a quiet and efficient operation.

• Excellent fuel efficiency combined with an increased fuel capacity allows for an uninterrupted day of paving on the project.

• The pivoting operator’s console allows the operator to have hands-on control and a clear view no matter where they are on the platform.

• The vibrator circuits control panel is located for easy access and easy-reach control.

• The Commander III features an isolated platform which reduces vibration for all day operator comfort.

• G+ allows for simple connections to 3D guidance or GOMACO’s complete library of sensors for steering and grade.

• Easy push-button steering set up with “smart” cylinders. This allows you to set track steering and other parameters.

• Features All-Track Steering (ATS) for loading, job-site mobility, and to set the machine to line quickly.

• Features All-Track Positioning (ATP) giving the contractor more options for dealing with obstacles, job-site logistics, and various applications.

• The Commander III is the choice for various applications such as monolithic sidewalk, curb and gutter, barrier, slotted drains, roll-over curb, parapet, and slipform paving.

• Telematics is available with GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD) for machine troubleshooting, diagnostic reviews, software updates, and more.

• An on-board camera for visibility is available. The camera feeds full color video to the G+ control screen. This allows the operator to survey designated areas for the slipforming process.

• The G+ wireless remote control is an option for the Commander III. The G+ remote control allows an operator to work from the operator’s platform or have the ability to move around the machine with hands-on control at all times.




3 minutes 41 seconds



GOMACO Commander III 4-Track Barrier
Westminster, Colorado
6 minutes 16 seconds



GOMACO Commander III, Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project, Concrete Walkways & Trackbed
17 minutes 57 seconds



GOMACO Commander III Slipforming Concrete Barrier
6 minutes 31 seconds





Commander III four-track

Equipped with a two inch (50.8 mm) inverted mold this Commander III four-track slipforms a 14 foot (4.27 m) wide slab on a dairy farm.



Commander III four-track, barrier

A five foot (1.52 m) variable barrier is being slipformed by the four-track GOMACO Commander III. It is equipped with a sidemounted mold and the four-track barrier package. The Commander III features a pivoting operator’s console allowing the operator to have hands-on control and a clear view of the paving operation.



Commander III four-track, grooved dairy pad

The Commander III four-track slipforms a grooved dairy pad 11 feet (3.35 m) wide with a six inch (152 mm) integral curb on the right hand side.



Commander III four-track, barrier

This barrier mold is mounted onto the four-track Commander III and is slipforming a 42 inch (1067 mm) tall variable barrier with continuous steel being fed into the mold. The Commander III is positioned in the transverse mode for barrier paving.



Commander III four-track, barrier

A front view of the continuous steel being fed into the machine.



Commander III four-track, barrier

A rear view of the variable barrier from the operator’s platform.



Commander III four-track, barrier

A seven-foot (2.13 m) tall barrier is being slipformed by the GOMACO Commander III four-track barrier package slipform paver.



Commander III four-track

The Commander III is the go-to paver on major projects for lane additions and fill-ins.



Commander III four-track

The GOMACO four-track Commander III with 3D machine guidance slipforms the floor of a tunnel at 14.7 feet (4.5 m) wide over continuous reinforced steel ahead of the paver. This Commander III is using high-rise tracks that are only six inches (150 mm) wide, for minimum clearance.



Commander III four-track

The GOMACO four-track Commander III slipforms a 12 foot (3.66 m) wide interstate ramp using 3D machine guidance. A GOMACO RTP-500 places the concrete over the steel reenforcement ahead of the Commander III.





G+® Controls - Designed for Concrete Paving

It is now the technology that pulls everything together… G+ is the center that Connects all of the resources.

Commander III four-track, G+ controls

Once you experience G+ controls, you won’t be satisfied with anything else. It’s a control system that is both easy to learn and easy to operate. G+ expresses itself in easy to understand international icons and full script explanations. It operates in all the major languages of the world and in imperial or the metric system. It has a lightning-fast processing speed and features two-way communications between the accessories and G+. Its instant digital feedback combined with the tight closed-loop electronic and hydraulic control creates a G+ experience that is smooth, efficient, and accurate. There is nothing on the market that can compare, because G+ is a proprietary system that was designed by our in-house control experts incorporating what we have learned from decades of experience in the field, and from what we have learned from you, our customer.

- Machine operation is simple.

- Machine response is fast.

- Troubleshooting is pinpointed, quick, and easy.

- Fault history available.

- Control from stringline, 2D, or 3D guidance.


A flat-panel 6.5 inch (165 mm) anti-glare display screen is provided with sensor-controlled backlight levels for superior visibility in all operating conditions. The screen is rugged and shock resistant in its construction to protect against dust, moisture, and rain. G+ provides a full color display on the control panel to illustrate the various aspects of the paver for set up and operation. A “run” screen on the control panel illustrates the various aspects of the paver. It includes leg position, paving speed and percentage of drive, steering, travel information, grade information, deviation meters, and more. Newly designed icons and color graphics make it easy to understand and easy to identify the targeted functions. G+ receives a track speed reading from pulse pickups in the track motors to give you real time feet (meters) per minute and total linear footage (meters). G+ controls feature a detailed fault history with the time stamp, date, and information to track when each fault occurred. GOMACO’s G+ control system has been proven around the world.






G Box

The Commander III has a GBox on every leg to accommodate improved steering and grade with G+ controls. It’s part of GOMACO’s electronic and hydraulic initiative. GOMACO’s GBox features a new location for convenient access to the sensor bulkheads, valve overrides, and reduces hose and wiring needs. The GBox provides ease in serviceability, troubleshooting, and provides quick access with a horizontal swing door at ground level.





GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD)

The Commander III can be equipped with GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD). This software allows operators to see when, where, and how their machines are being used. Operators have the capability to request software updates from GOMACO in Ida Grove, Iowa, remotely without service personnel traveling to the job site. GRD allows for fleet management through GPS location and troubleshooting abilities.





Designed For Safety

The Commander III is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. The emergency stop buttons are on the operator’s console and on the corners of the machine, which are easily accessible from the ground level. The machine is equipped with a backup alarm, which is designed to alert personnel around the machine when the tracks are set to operate in reverse. Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, operator horn, an operator’s manual, and a safety manual. GOMACO machines are also designed to provide the operator with excellent visibility over the entire paving operation.





Four-Track Commander III

Commander III four-track graphic




Commander III four-track barrier graphic

The Four-Track Barrier Package assembly includes the fourth leg and track and a hydraulically extendible rear frame to extend the right rear leg and track.




Commander III four-track barrier graphic

Four-Track Paving Package in the transport mode for slipforming barrier or parapet.









Commander III four-track




Commander III four-track

Dimensions with tracks in straight ahead position.






Commander III Versatility

Commander III four-track



Commander III four-track





Additional Versatility

An economical four-track paving package for trails and small paving applications up to 11.5 feet (3.5 m) are easily achieved by adding the parts designated in orange on these drawings.


Commander III four-track




Commander III four-track






GOMACO IDBI Attachment For The Commander III

Commander III four-track, IDBI Attachment

Commander III four-track, IDBI Attachment


The GOMACO IDBI attachment... an independent unit providing dowel bar insertion behind the paver –

• Independent attachment is self-contained, self-powered, and inserts transverse joint bars in pavements up to 16 feet (4.88 m) wide.

• IDBI powered by its own engine.

• Crane with rechargeable wireless remote control has 21 feet (6.4 m) of reach and 6500 pound (2948 kg) lifting capacity.

• Outriggers on the attachment have 48 inches (1219 mm) of stroke and can be hydraulically lowered and placed on the ground to support the full weight of the IDBI as it is attached to or detached from the paver. The outriggers are also used to raise the unit so a trailer can be backed underneath for transport.

• CAN cable connects IDBI’s controls to controller on the Commander III and allows the two systems to communicate.

• Bar-loading tray accommodates dowel bars ranging in size from one to 1.5 inch (25-38 mm) in diameter and from 18 to 20 inches (457-508 mm) in length.

• Has adjustable-height bar extractors, and a patented bar tray for easy bar spacing and width changes.

• Hydraulically telescoping leg pivots on the rear of the paver. Telescoping pivots allow the machine to achieve sufficient length to mount the IDBI to the paver. It also allows the legs to be retracted to meet shipping requirements or to pave without the IDBI.

• Piston-style legs utilize a round inner tube and a keyway for steering control.

• Insertion forks designed to reduce amount of scarring and vibration enhances consolidation of concrete around bars.


-- Click Here For More Information On The IDBI For Commander III --



GOMACO Commander III Concrete Slipform Paver With IDBI Dowel Bar Inserter
3 minutes 46 seconds



Commander III Slipform Paver With IDBI Dowel Bar Inserter Paves Concrete Ramps
7 minutes 24 seconds





GOMACO’s V2 Dual Mold System Provides Quick Width Changes

Commander III four-track, V2 mold

The versatile GOMACO V2 is an optional dual mold system that is hydraulically adjustable for paving at different widths. The V2 makes width changes fast and simple and will even make on-the-go width changes for tapered slabs.

The configuration of the front and rear molds dictates the minimum and maximum paving widths and the amount of total width variation. It features separate mold control for the left and right side.

It is also available with a curb profile on one or both sides for municipal paving.

The V2 sectionalized mold system includes a spreader-plow with hydraulic vertical movement to control the head of concrete in front of the mold. The plow telescopes with the machine framework to accommodate the width change.

The GOMACO V2 paving mold was developed to adapt to virtually any paver operating in the field today.







A Commander With Two Molds Attached For Super Quick Changes

Commander III four-track

Commander III four-track


This contractor saves time on the project by side-mounting a 14 ft. (4.3 m) mold to their Commander III for minimum-clearance paving, while keeping their 16 ft. (4.9 m) paving mold and kit underneath the paver. When they’re ready for wider width work again, the side-mounted package is removed and the contractor slipforms in the conventional paving mode.





Wide Variety of Stringline, Clamps, Rods and Sensor Line Accessories Available

GOMACO has a wide variety of stringline, clamps, rods, and sensor line accessories.

GOMACO sensor line is designed specifically for electronically controlled equipment. Sensor line and sensors provide the grade and steering information linked to the GOMACO operating system, located on the operator panel. The GOMACO electronic-over-hydraulic sensor system provides intelligent control of grade and steering for paving accuracy, and ease of operation.

Stringline stakes are made of high carbon steel, designed for a long life. Stakes are available in various lengths, ranging from 18 in. (457 mm) to 5 ft. (1.52 m). The stringline stakes range in diameter from 0.75 in. (19 mm) to 0.875 in. (22 mm).

One-piece and quick-set spring-action zinc-plated clamps are available.

The stringline zinc-plated, slotted rods are 18 in. (457 mm) in length and will accommodate a 0.125 in. (3 mm) diameter stringline.

GOMACO has many other sensor line accessories to choose from.




Stringless Barrier

Commander III four-track barrier

A total station tracks the progress of a Commander III on a barrier wall project in Belgium. The project was slipformed with the 3D stringless guidance system.




Concrete Can Be Imprinted...

Commander III four-track, imprinted barrier

A unique, four-track, under-mounted barrier package is available for most types of barrier applications. The Commander III four-track with the under-mounted barrier is imprinting a stone pattern on the extruded wall.




Commander III four-track, flat surface imprint

A roller mounted to the back of the four-track Commander III imprints a cobblestone pattern on the flat surface of the concrete on this project in Florida.



Three-Track Commander Transforms to a Four-Track Paver

Commander III three-track to a four-track paver


The three-track Commander prime mover drives over the supported four-track frame. The left end car has been removed from the frame to allow the rear leg of the Commander to move through the framework.

The Commander is attached to the four-track frame. The pivoting left front mount is removed. The three-track assemblies (leg and track) are utilized for the four-track paving mode. The left front track assembly (Track #1) on the Commander is positioned as the left front on the four-track frame. The right front track assembly (Track #2) on the Commander is positioned as the right front on the four-track frame. The rear track assembly (Track #3) on the Commander is positioned as the right rear on the four-track frame. Location of the steering cylinder on each track assembly dictates its positioning in the transformation.

The end car on the four-track frame is attached, and the left front track assembly from the Commander is attached. The additional fourth track assembly is attached to the left rear of the frame. The four-track paver drives over the paving mold for quick attachment.




High-Drive Tracks For Tight-Clearance Paving

GOMACO’s optional high-drive tracks are ideal for minimum-clearance situations that sometimes exist when adding lanes to ramps and highways or replacing streets in residential areas. The 11 in. (279 mm) wide track has a clearance height of 21.85 in. (555 mm) to the bottom of the track motor. The height of the motor allows clearance on the slab side of the track.


Commander III four-track high drive tracks

Commander III four-track high drive tracks

Commander III four-track high drive tracks




Selective Steering

Stringline Steer Mode

stringline steer mode

Coordinated Steer

coordinated steer

Crab Steer

crab steer

Front Steer

front steer

Rear Steer

rear steer








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