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Chenzhou Road and Bridge slipforms a new roadway with their GHP-2800 in China.





Prakash Engineering slipforms parapet on a bridge in Mumbai, India, using their GT-3600.





GOMACO dealers were recognized at the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) annual meeting.





Coffman Specialist used their 9500 trimmer with the Leica stringless guidance system in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 9500 was equipped with an 18 foot (5.49 m) mining head. A path approximately 71 foot (21.64 m) wide was trimmed in four different passes.




paving train

Upper Plains Contracting slipformed with their GOMACO paving train at the municipal airport in Huron, South Dakota.





Cambridge Curb and Sidewalk slipformed this 18 inch (457 mm) curb around a tight radius with a GOMACO GT-3600.





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