GT-3600 slipform paver

GT-3600 Slipform Paver


The Xtreme GT-3600 is now available as a hybrid machine! The industry’s first hybrid curb and gutter machine. Click here to learn more.


Optional Xtreme Package for GT-3600

• Xtreme Steering Capabilities ‒ The Xtreme GT-3600 is equipped with rotary-sensored slew drives, on each of the three tracks for extreme steering ability.

- The Xtreme GT-3600’s sensored All-Track Steering and sensored All-Track Positioning, make it the ultimate, intelligent slipform paver.

- The intelligent All-Track Positioning on the Xtreme GT-3600 includes a smart hydraulic cylinder on all three legs. The smart cylinders allow G+® to know the position of all three tracks and can make steering adjustments as needed.


• Xtreme Intelligence ‒ Smart cylinder sideshifting of the mold for repeatable mold offset.

- Intelligent off set is accomplished with a smart hydraulic cylinder for telescoping the mold mounting system. This provides G+ the ability for repeatable mold offset. The trimmerhead and mold have independent vertical adjustments for raising and lowering.


• Xtreme Hydraulic Package ‒ Independent hydraulic travel control to each track allow G+ to control each individual track speed through a radius.


• Xtreme Radius ‒ The Xtreme GT-3600 can pour a 24 inch (610 mm) radius.

- The Xtreme GT-3600’s G+ control system easily interfaces with stringline or a 3D guidance system for curb and gutter and tight radius applications.

- The Xtreme GT-3600 features the GOMACO three-sensor radius system for stringline. When paving with stringline, the lead steering wand is allowed to leave the stringline and reference is switched to sensor number two for traveling around the tight radius.

- Individual track speed control provides smooth machine travel around a radius.


• G+ Radius Software ‒ Pick your radius and G+ calibrates and manages all aspects of traveling around it on stringline, including track angles and individual variable track speeds.

- The G+ radius software for the control system allows the operator to program the size of the radius into the controller. As the Xtreme GT-3600 approaches the radius, with the values already dialed in, the operator activates the radius program, and the curb and gutter machine slipforms around the radius. It’s now easy for any operator to pour a radius.


• The operator’s platform is isolated to reduce vibration for a comfortable day of paving.

• Excellent fuel efficiency combined with an increased fuel capacity allows for an uninterrupted day of paving on the project.

• An optimized cooling package with a hydraulic fan controlled by G+ adapts the cooling needs to job-site conditions for both a quiet and efficient operation.

• The G+ wireless remote control is an option available for the Xtreme GT-3600. The G+ remote control allows the operator to work from the operator’s platform or the ability to move around the machine with hands-on control at all times.

• The GOMACO Xtreme GT-3600 is also available with the optional GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD) for machine troubleshooting, diagnostic reviews, software updates, and more.

• Designed for high-volume curb and gutter.




GOMACO GT-3600x Curb & Gutter Xtreme Mobility - Zero-Turn, A Fun New Spin
2 minutes 43 seconds





GOMACO & Topcon Concrete Solutions
Simultaneous Paving With A GT-3600 & Xtreme Commander IIIx
Oregon, Wisconsin
41 seconds





GOMACO GT-3600 Concrete Curb & Gutter Slipform Machine
4 minutes 55 seconds




Xtreme GT-3600 stand-up curb

The 16 foot (4.88 m) long conveyor aids the Xtreme GT-3600 as it slipforms 21 inch (533 mm) tall stand-up curb by feeding the hopper at a maximum belt speed of 284 feet per minute (86.6 mpm).





Xtreme GT-3600 stand-up curb

The GOMACO Xtreme GT-3600 is slipforming an 18 inch (457 mm) stand-up curb and is equipped with the GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD) allowing for remote upgrades and fleet management from a cell phone or laptop computer.




Xtreme GT-3600 simultaneous trimming and pouring curb and gutter

The powerful trimmerhead features a direct drive radial piston hydraulic motor that provides maximum torque for tough trimming applications.




Xtreme GT-3600 curb and gutter with 3D machine guidance

An 18 inch (457 mm) curb and gutter is slipformed using 3D machine guidance by the Xtreme GT-3600 in a new residential development.




Xtreme GT-3600 curb and gutter with 3D machine guidance

A GOMACO Xtreme GT-3600 slipforms curb and gutter for a new subdivision using 3D machine guidance.




Xtreme GT-3600 parking lot radii

Xtreme GT-3600 parking lot radii

Parking lot island radii are a breeze with the Xtreme GT-3600’s steering capabilities and 3D machine guidance. Combining the sensored All-Track Steering and sensored All-Track Positioning has made the Xtreme GT-3600 the ultimate, intelligent slipform curb and gutter machine.




Xtreme GT-3600 stand-up curb with 3D machine guidance

The Xtreme GT-3600 slipforms a stand-up curb with tight radii using 3D machine guidance.




Xtreme GT-3600 on truck bed

Designed for easy transportation, the Xtreme GT-3600 curb and gutter machine can be driven straight onto the truck bed after a day of slipforming.




Xtreme GT-3600 roll-over curb

The Xtreme GT-3600 slipforms roll-over curb in a new developmental area.




Xtreme GT-3600

The Xtreme GT-3600’s tracks can rotate farther than ever before. The rotary-sensored slew drives allow the tracks to rotate 90 degrees and more for quick side travel and job-site mobility.







Xtreme GT-3600 Curb and Gutter Machine


Xtreme GT-3600 slipform paver graphic




Xtreme GT-3600 slipform paver graphic




Xtreme GT-3600 slipform paver graphic





Xtreme GT-3600 slipform paver graphic








GT-3600 Trimmer/Slipform Paver


GT-3600 slipform paver graphic





GT-3600 slipform paver graphic




GT-3600 slipform paver graphic

All-Track Positioning (ATP) provides the versatility in our slipform pavers. GOMACO’s left-front track features a pivoting power-swing, the right-front track hydraulically extends/retracts, and the rear track hydraulically sideshifts. Each leg has a reinforced steel attachment plate that allows extra leg height adjustment. ATP provides the capability of performing various applications and working with differences in grade elevations and unique job-site logistics.





GT-3600 slipform paver graphic





Provides High-Production and Easy Operation


GOMACO’s Hook-and-Go System is Quick and Easy

hook and go graphic

GOMACO’s Hook-and-Go mold mount system has no pins or latches and makes it quick and easy to change molds. Simply drive the GT-3600 up to the mold and hook the mount to a special attachment plate. The mold is then hydraulically lifted up and can go to work slipforming the project... just hook and go. GT-3600 molds are built for this system and existing molds can easily be retrofitted in the field.




GT-3600 tight clearance paving, hook and go mold

Tight-clearance paving is accomplished with the sideshifting capability of the mold.




GOMACO Hook-And-Go Mold-Mounting System For GOMACO Concrete Curb and Gutter Slipform Pavers
48 seconds







Fast Concrete Loading Provides Increased Production

Fast concrete loading provides high-production results. There are two conveyor systems to choose from with the GOMACO GT-3600, the standard belt conveyor and the auger. The standard conveyor for the GT-3600 is 16 feet (4.88 m) long, 24 inches (610 mm) wide, and has a belt speed variable up to 284 feet per minute (86.6 mpm). It is hydraulically powered and reversible with a charging hopper. The belt conveyor is pivot mounted with hydraulic lift and positioning. The mold is designed with extra concrete capacity, to allow slipforming through a tight radius without waiting for concrete delivery.

An auger is also available that provides fast and efficient concrete flow. It features a 16 inch (406 mm) diameter auger with full pitch, for efficient handling of concrete.


GT-3600 conveyor

The 16 foot (4.88 m) long, 24 inch (610 mm) wide conveyor can move the concrete into the hopper at a speed of up to 284 feet per minute (86.6 mpm).




GT-3600 hydraulically driven auger

The optional 17 foot (5.18 m) long hydraulically driven auger is equipped with vibration to release concrete build up from the safety guard at the end of the hopper. The auger safety guards are hinged to allow for cleaning.






Conveyor Belt Wiper

GT-3600 slipform paver conveyor belt wiper

The conveyor belt wiper is a standard bolt-on attachment for the GT-3600 and features a single solid polyurethane blade and steel frame spanning across the belt. This allows the cleaning tip to maintain continuous contact without the need for constant adjustment. The quick tension design allows for easy adjustments or to release tension on the polyurethane blade for replacement and clean-out. Unique single pin blade retention system permits blade replacement without the use of additional tools.






Guillotine-Style and California-Style Curb Depressors

The optional hydraulic-powered driveway depressors are available for curb and gutter molds. They allow the GT-3600 to eliminate wasted material while slipforming through driveways.


California stye curb depressor

Curved Blade: California-style curb depressor has a curved blade that enters the face of the curb, providing a smooth finish.

California stye curb depressor




guillotine style curb depressor

Straight Blade: Guillotine-style curb depressor has a straight blade that enters the face of the curb while slipforming through driveways.

Guillotine stye curb depressor








Sectionalized Trimmerhead

GT-3600 trimmerhead

The standard 24 inch (610 mm) wide trimmerhead with insert sections provides up to a 66 inch (1676 mm) wide sectionalized trimmerhead with right-hand or left-hand discharge available. The insert sections are available in 12 inch (305 mm), 18 inch (457 mm), and 24 inch (610 mm) widths.




Sideshifting Trimmerhead

GT-3600 sideshifting trimmerhead

The trimmerhead can be raised 16 inches (406 mm) and sideshifted up to 48 inches (1219 mm) for clearance of obstacles and to allow the GT-3600 to pave right up to the obstacle. The mold can then be hydraulically lifted off the curb and over obstacles.







Hydraulic Vertical Adjustment

The ability to raise and lower the trimmerhead and mold makes the GT-3600 ideal for rehabilitation work and going over driveways, manholes, and other obstacles. The GT-3600 can pave right up to the driveway. Then the operator raises the mold, allowing the machine to travel across the distance of the driveway, without leaving the stringline. The mold is then lowered to grade and slipforming continues.


GT-3600 hydraulic vertical adjustment




GT-3600 hydraulic vertical adjustment









Tight Radii Slipform Paving

GT-3600 tight radii with 3D machine guidance

GT-3600 tight radii with 3D machine guidance

The GT-3600 with 3D machine guidance slipformed radii as tight as 2.5 feet (0.8 m) on this parking lot project. The GT-3600’s All-Track Steering, combined with the 3D system’s steering algorithms, allow smooth entrances and exits and tighter cornering for tight radii work.



First in the Industry to Design a Three-Track Machine to Slipform A 24 inch (610 mm) Radius Curb

• Unique design allows automatic adjustment of trajectory in and out of a tight radius.

• Multiple sensors and mold positioning assures accurate placement of concrete through a tight radius.

The mold on the GT-3600 is positioned to assure accurate placement of the concrete through a radius. Also important for a tight radius is travel speed, mix design, slump of concrete, and grade preparation.

The hopper on the GT-3600 is designed for extra concrete capacity. Loading the hopper and the 16 foot (4.88 m) long, 24 inch (610 mm) wide charging conveyor full prior to going into the radius allows for continuous travel through the radius without having to wait for another concrete delivery.





Centermounted Mold

GT-3600 undermounted sidewalk mold

The GT-3600 can be retrofitted with a 10 foot (3.05 m) wide undermounted sidewalk mold for paving larger pathways and access roads.




GT-3600 centermounted mold graphic



GT-3600 centermounted mold graphic

GT-3600 centermounted mold graphic

The centermounted mold on the GT-3600 is built with a “frame around a frame” concept, which is illustrated by the orange sections of framework in these drawings.






Versatility In One Machine

GT-3600 variable barrier

A GT-3600 slipforms variable barrier ranging in height between 34.8 to 50 inches (885 to 1270 mm) on a project in Perth, Australia.




GT-3600 curb and gutter

An operational speed of up to 42 feet per minute (12.8 mpm) allows for high production curb and gutter slipforming with the GT-3600.




GT-3600 curb and gutter with driveway blockout

Slipforming curb and gutter in an existing residential area is done efficiently with the GT-3600 equipped with 3D machine guidance. The ability to block out existing driveways on-the-go allows for less follow up work.




GT-3600 curb and gutter

The GT-3600 trimmer features a maximum hydraulic sideshift distance of 48 inches (1219 mm), allowing the operator to slipform curb and gutter within inches of obstacles within residential areas.




GT-3600 minimum-clearance curb and gutter

Using the telescoping mold and hold-down, the GT-3600 is able to achieve minimum clearance when slipforming curb and gutter below the existing grade in a residential area.




GT-3600 with 3D machine guidance

3D machine guidance helps achieve minimum clearance eliminating the need to set stringline on projects where existing utilities create challenges.




GT-3600 curb and gutter

This GT-3600 uses the simultaneous trim/pour process for maximum concrete utilization.




GT-3600 tethered remote

The tethered remote allows the operator to control speed and steering while moving around the operator’s platform. The travel control dial dictates the travel speed of the machine in either forward or reverse. The manual steer knob turns the tracks when the steer select knob is in any of the four manual positions.




GT-3600 curb and gutter

The exclusive, independent adjustable stainless steel troweling section seals and provides the superior GOMACO finish.




GT-3600 median barrier

GOMACO’s GT-3600 slipforms a 44 inch (1118 mm) median barrier.




GT-3600 sidewalk

The operator’s platform and safety railing telescope out with the sidemounted mold to give the operator visibility over the entire operation. This GT-3600 is slipforming a five foot (1.52 m) wide sidewalk.




GT-3600 flood defense barrier

A flood defense barrier is being slipformed by the GT-3600 for a small village in Belgium.




GT-3600 barrier

The optional sidemounted barrier and parapet attachment allows the GT-3600 to pave a maximum height of 50 inches (1270 mm).




GT-3600 stand-up curb

The GT-3600 slipforms stand-up curb.




GT-3600 drainage channel

The versatile GOMACO GT-3600 slipforms a drainage channel in France. The sidemounted design allows minimum-clearance on the left side of the mold.




GT-3600 stair-stepped risers for football stadium

A project for 10 rows of stair-stepped risers within a new football stadium is completed in five passes around the facility with the GT-3600.




GT-3600 curb and gutter

Repeatable mold offset is accomplished through G+ and a smart hydraulic cylinder for telescoping the mold mounting system.




GT-3600 sidewalk

All-Track Positioning (ATP) provides easy setup for slipforming sidewalks. This GT-3600 is slipforming a five foot (1.52 m) wide sidewalk with a side-mounted mold.




GT-3600 curb and gutter

The GT-3600 slipforms curb and gutter around a cul-de-sac in a new residential development.






Designed For Safety

The GOMACO GT-3600 is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. The emergency stop buttons are on the operator’s console, and on corners of the machine, which are easily accessible from the ground level. Another safety feature is a backup alarm, which is designed to alert personnel around the machine when the tracks are set to operate in reverse. Machine decals are shown as internationally recognized symbols. Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, an operator’s manual, and a safety manual.







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GT-3600 Photos: Xtreme Steering - Curb & Gutter - Sidewalks & Recreational Trails - Tight Radius - Barrier - Unique Applications

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Special Report All-Track Steering & All-Track Positioning

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