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GOMACO University - A Fresh Start For The Season


This year's construction season has begun. You've got your contracts lined up, your crew trained, but is your machine ready for the new season?

* Change all hydraulic filters. Have the hydraulic oil analyzed to determine the condition. If the oil analysis shows that the oil is contaminated, or has lived its useful life, replace it. Be certain to drain the oil from all of the individual tanks on the machine frame. Refill the reservoir system with the correct oil.

* Change the engine oil and filter. It is not a bad idea to have the engine oil analyzed to make certain that there will be no surprises from a failed engine.

* Check the condition of the engine coolant and add conditioners as needed, or replace the coolant. Follow the engine manufacturers recommendations concerning the engine coolant.

* Check the track chain for freedom of movement. If the pins and bushings are rusted, the track will be stiff, possibly causing ripples in the finished product. Use a penetrating lubricant on the chain to free it.

* Check the trimmer gearbox for any signs of leakage. If leakage is present, remove the gearbox and reseal it following the instructions in the GT17-019 trimmerhead gearbox repair brochure (GOMACO #10749001E).

* Disassemble the vibrators and repack the eccentric bearings. If hydraulic oil is present in the eccentric, it is a sign that the motor shaft seal is defective and must be replaced. Repair brochures for the GOMACO, Minnich and Wyco vibrators are available from GOMACO.

* Inspect the condition of the slipform molds. If a large amount of concrete build-up is present, it is recommended to sandblast the form and repaint it. Straighten any bends in the mold. Concrete build-up and a damaged form will cause product finish problems.

* Check the condition of the conveyor. Make certain that the troughing rollers are square to the conveyor frame. Check the condition of the conveyor belt and repair or replace it as necessary. Replace any bearings that are defective.

* Check the condition of the belt wiper. If the wiper is excessively worn, replace it. A new "Super Clean" belt wiper is available for installation on conveyors in the field. Contact GOMACO or your nearest distributor for more information.

* Check the displays and operation of the automatic control system. Be certain that all sensor shafts rotate freely and that all cords are good. Replace any defective cords or sensors. On Network controllers, check the date code of the program. If your date code is older than four years, contact GOMACO to see if there has been any updates to improve performance. It only takes a few minutes to upload a new program (laptop computer and programming cable required).

* Finally, remember that a bright machine is a well-maintained machine. Consider cleaning and repainting your machine. Decal kits are available for all machine models from GOMACO.


Have a very profitable paving season!





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