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Work is just beginning on a spillway project in San Roque, Philippines. The contractor, Raytheon Ebasco Overseas Ltd., is using a C-700 cylinder finisher to pave the spillway.




ENR's International Contractor SummitENR's International Contractor Summit

GOMACO was one of the co-sponsors of ENR's International Contractor Summit in Miami, Florida, last December. The top 225 international contractors were recognized at the event.




Commander III

Dasa Construction Company used their four-track Commander III to slipform curb along the Jungang Expressway in Wonju City, Korea.




Commander III

Sung-Do Construction slipformed barrier wall with their three-track Commander III on the Seohaean Expressway in Seosan Kun, Korea.





Sae Kil Corporation used their GP-4000 paver to slipform the new Jungbu Expressway in Ichon City, Korea.








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