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"Green" Slopes Help With Flood Control



Sato Road Company Ltd., a Japanese contractor, is currently testing their new patented concrete mix, called Permearcon, for ecologically friendly flood control slopes. They are using their GOMACO RC Conveyor and SL-450 to place and finish the no-fines mix on their test slopes.

The result is a very porous slope with a 25 percent air void content. Once the concrete is laid, it is covered with soil and plants. The "green" slope is then able to help with flood control because the roots of the vegetation are anchored in the porous concrete and help to hold both the plants and soil to the slope.

The new porous concrete method will replace the existing precast squares currently being used to line Japan's slopes.

Sato Road is currently forming a new association to promote their "green" ecologically friendly paving, the Eco Base Association.

Watch for a feature story on one of Sato Road's slope projects in a future edition of GOMACO World magazine.









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