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A Canal Project Around A Hydroelectric Plant's Reservoir



K-Con Company, Ltd., is at work at a hydroelectric power plant on the Omaru River in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Kyushu Island, just southwest of the main island of Japan. The power plant is separated into an upper and lower reservoir. K-Con’s project at the Omarugawa Power-Electricity Plant involved slipforming a 13 foot (4 m) wide canal around the upper reservoir.

The new canal will help control the water volume in the reservoir. In the case of a heavy rainfall, the excess water will be discharged through the canal to prevent the reservoir from overflowing.

The canal was paved eight inches (200 mm) thick over continuous steel reinforcing. Concrete slump averaged 1.4 inches (35 mm) and K-Con worked closely with their concrete supplier to develop a mix design that would work well for slipforming and provide a smooth finish to the canal walls.

The new plant is owned by the Kyushu Electric Power Company, Ltd.










A 13 foot (4 m) wide canal around the upper reservoir at a Japanese hydroelectric power plant is being paved in two paving passes with a four-track GT-6300 paver.






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