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New Directors for a Powerful New Direction in 2007


Grant Godbersen

Grant Godbersen, Vice President of Manufacturing


Kevin Klein

Kevin Klein, Vice President of Research and Development


Dan Soellner

Dan Soellner, General Manager of Manufacturing for GOMACO and Bobalee Hydraulics



Gary Godbersen, President and CEO of GOMACO Corporation, announced that GOMACO’s focus in 2007 will be continued quality in every facet of our operation. Godbersen has started the new year with announcing three new appointments that are effective immediately at GOMACO.

Grant Godbersen accepts a position as a corporate officer with the new title of Vice President of Manufacturing. Grant has worked in various departments within the company, including manufacturing, field service, marketing, production control and was named plant manager in 1994. His new position will include oversight of all manufacturing operations, expansion of manufacturing capabilities and facilities, the setting of product delivery goals, and the support of new standards for quality.

Kevin Klein will also take a position as a corporate officer with the new title of Vice President of Research and Development. Kevin has been in the research and development department since 1984 and was named department manager in 1989. Kevin has provided the leadership and guidance for the advancement of electronics and micro processor controls in our equipment. He has become a spokesman for our company and the concrete industry in the utilization of new technology. Kevin will ultimately be responsible for the direction of research into the feasibility of new products and markets for GOMACO and streamlining the process of bringing new concepts and products to the marketplace.

Dan Soellner has accepted the position of General Manager of Manufacturing for GOMACO and Bobalee Hydraulics in Laurens, Iowa. Dan has been with GOMACO for eight years and has been instrumental in implementing the procedures and achieving ISO 9000 certification for Bobalee. His new position will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the manufacturing facilities and all manufacturing personnel.

“We have experienced back-to-back years of extraordinary sales and production,” Kent Godbersen, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing explained. “We have a lot of new ideas and product innovations on the drawing board and this is the first step in plotting our course for continued growth of the corporation and staying competitive with our product line.”

“We have put together a great team of people who have come together to make us the worldwide leader in our industry,” Gary Godbersen said in making the announcement. “There are some innovative and exciting times ahead for GOMACO, and I look forward to the changes that 2007 will bring for our company and our product line as we continue our leadership role in the industry.”





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