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Commander III

Joint partners K-Con Company and Kajima Road Company Ltd., slipform a new highway inside of the Ayabe Road Tunnel in Kyota, Japan. They are using their four-track GHP-2800 and Commander III to complete the paving on the project.





LaFarge Construction Materials trims a new roadway project to grade with their GOMACO 9000 with monolithic trimmerhead in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.





Miller Paving Ltd. slipforms a new airport parking lot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their four-track GHP-2800 is slipforming 24 feet (7.3 m) wide on 2000 foot (610 m) long paving passes.





Virgin Island Paving in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, finish a new bridge deck on the island with their older style C-450.




Commander III

ABI Group Ltd. utilizes the versatility of their Commander III’s track placement to slipform drainage canal in Australia.




Commander III

S.M. Morris Ltd. slipforms 900 mm (35.4 in) tall European step barrier with their Commander III. The project is on the N11 Highway, just outside of Kilpedder, Ireland.






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