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World’s First Battery-Powered Slipform Concrete Curb Machine


• The CC-1200e is powered by 48-volt DC lithium-ion battery pack and will slipform various concrete curb. The result of using lithium-ion batteries allows for zero exhaust emissions, reduced vibrations, and zero engine noise. It is self-propelled and compact in size for easy loading and transporting from job-to-job.

• It is capable of working a full paving day, and is equipped with the standard eight to 10 hour charging system. A two-hour fast charge system is an optional feature for the CC-1200e.

• The CC-1200e is controlled with a Radio Remote Control and puts all machine operations in the hands of the operator. The Radio Remote Control is equipped with the exclusive GOMACO G+® control system.

• Rotary-sensored slew drive steering on front wheel assemblies allows maximum turning capability, smooth paving, and easy control.

• The CC-1200e has the capability of pouring a 24 inch (610 mm) radius, depending on the mold profile.

• It is equipped with one variable speed electric vibrator and is coordinated with the stop switch that provides automatic on/off control of vibrator synchronized with forward travel.

• The CC-1200e has a paving speed of up to 40 feet per minute (12.2 mpm) and an auxiliary speed of 93 feet per minute (28.3 mpm) for fast job-site mobility.

• Leg elevation of the battery-powered slipform curb machine is controlled by three hydraulic cylinders with ten inch (254 mm) stroke and an additional five inch (127 mm) manual adjustment.

• Molds are easily interchangeable and can accommodate concrete mold configurations that will fit within a 12 inch (305 mm) wide by 14 inch (356 mm) high section. For other slipform mold configurations, please consult the factory.

• Curb may be poured on either side of the machine. The hopper and mold are adjustable up to 15 inches (381 mm).

• Safety by Design - The CC-1200e is equipped with an E-stop (emergency stop) on every corner of the machine and on the remote control. The CC-1200e is also equipped with an operator’s horn and back-up alarm to keep all personnel safe during the paving operation.



GOMACO CC-1200e Battery-Powered Slipform Curb Machine
Knoxville, Tennessee
8 minutes








CC-1200e remote control

The Radio Remote Control on the CC-1200e provides the operator with full control of the machine while moving around the job site.





CC-1200e graphic





CC-1200e graphic





CC-1200e graphic





CC-1200e Specifications


Type: 48-volt DC lithium-ion battery pack for a full paving day.


Hydraulic oil reservoir: 13.5 gal. (51.1L).


Type: Radio Remote Control with G+ control system. Remote features manual travel control, manual three-point grade control, cross auger directional and speed controls, engine controls, vibrator control and E-stop.


Type: One variable speed electric vibrator.


Concrete: 19 cu. ft. (0.54 cu. m).


Adjustable: 15 in. (381 mm) sliding hopper.
Auger dimensions: 12 in. (305 mm) diameter by 5.5 ft. (1.68 m) long for concrete.
Auger drive: Hydraulic motor direct coupled to auger shaft.
Auger speed: Up to 43 rpm.


Track dimensions: One track, 23 in. (584 mm) long, 8 in. (203 mm) wide, by 9 in. (229 mm) high.
Track motor: 22.6 cid roller vane motor. Equipped with a track brake system.
Wheel assemblies: Eight - 9 in. (229 mm) diameter by 3 in. (76 mm) wide wheels.
Travel speed: Up to 40 fpm (12.2 mpm) paving, 93 fpm (28.3 mpm) auxiliary.


24 inches (610 mm) depending on mold profile.


Overall transport dimensions: 8.2 ft. (2.5 m) long, 7.3 ft. (2.23 m) wide, and 3.7 ft. (1.13 m) high to the top of the shroud.


3694 lbs. (1676 kg).


Track dimensions: 23 in. (584 mm) long, 8 in. (203 mm) wide, by 9 in. (229 mm) high.
Track motor: 22.6 cid roller vane motor.
Travel speed: Up to 40 fpm (12.2 mpm) paving, 93 fpm (28.3 mpm) auxiliary.
Track load (rear): 1225 lbs. (555.7 kg). Ground pressure at 22 psi.
Track load (front): 1275 lbs. (578.3 kg.), with weight evenly distributed on both tracks, ground pressure at 12 psi.
Optional three-track overall dimensions: 9.5 ft. (2.9 m) long, 6.6 ft. (2.01 m) wide, and 3.5 ft. (1.07 m) high.








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Download The CC-1200e Brochure (PDF)

Download The GOMACO Full Line Brochure (PDF)