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GOMACO World 44.1 - November 2016

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A GT-3600 with a center-mounted sidewalk mold is at work slipforming on a new project in Brest, Belarus, close to the border with the country of Poland.

A GT-3600 slipforms variable barrier ranging in height between 885 to 1335 millimeter (34.8 to 52.6 in) on a project in Perth, Australia.  
Twelve inch (305 mm) stand-up curb for a new apartment complex is slipformed with a GT-3600 and Topcon 3D guidance in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A GT-3200 with Topcon 3D guidance slipforms curb and gutter on a project in Glenfield, New South Wales, Australia.

A new vehicle test track is under construction in Seosan, South Korea, using an RC Conveyor, SL-750 slope cylinder finisher, and 4000 series Spanit® work bridge. The undercarriage with finishing cylinder on the SL-750 is controlled with a Leica 3D guidance system. This is the second track they’ve finished with the equipment, with the first one built near Yantai, Shandong Province, China.

A 9500 placer works in front of a 4400 barrier paver on a project in southern Russia. The project is the M4 Don Federal Highway between the cities of Rostov-on-Don and Karasnodar in southern Russia.




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