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Commander III

Machang Construction Equipment slipformed barrier wall with their new Commander III on a project in Korea.




GHP-2800 with IDBI

Jiangcheng Highway and Bridge Company use their new four-track GHP-2800 with In-the-Pan Dowel Bar Inserter (IDBI) to slipform a new highway in the Yanbian Autonomous Region, China.





A GT-3600 was the main attraction in the GOMACO distributor’s booth at Bices, a trade show in Beijing, China.




Commander III

Liam Maher uses a Commander III to slipform curb around a new car dealership in Cashel in County Tipperary, Eire, Ireland.





GOMACO attended the Australian Small Bridges Conference in Sydney, Australia, and featured the C-450 bridge deck finisher.




Commander III

Kosmos slipforms stand up curb with their Commander III in Perm, Russia.




Dutch Concrete Day

Dutch Concrete Day in Rotterdam, Netherlands, attracted several interested slipformers into the GOMACO distributor’s booth at the show.







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