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The Ayabe-Yokotani Tunnel Project


GHP-2800 and Commander III

A GHP-2800 and Commander III four-track slipform inside one of two tunnel projects on the High Standard Highway in the country of Japan.

Kajima Road Company Ltd., in cooperation with K-Con Company Ltd., slipformed the roadway through two tunnels on a project in Japan. The Kyoto Traverse Tanba-Ayabe Road Yokotani Tunnel Paving Project is part of the new 100 kilometer (62 mi) High Standard Highway connecting Kyoto City with Futtsu City in Japan.

Kajima and K-Con brought in their GOMACO paving equipment to slipform the new roadway through the tunnels. Requirements called for wire mesh for reinforcement, which was accomplished in the two-lift paving process. Kajima’s four-track GHP-2800 paver placed the first lift of concrete, while K-Con’s four-track Commander III placed the second lift.

Concrete was placed directly on grade in front of the GHP-2800. Workers then placed 2.1 meter (7 ft) by 4.2 meter (13.8 ft) pieces of wire mesh on top of the first lift. The four-track Commander III, with placing conveyor, followed behind. The total thickness of the new roadway was 280 millimeters (11 in), with the first lift 187 millimeters (7.4 in) thick, or two-thirds of the total depth of the slab.

The width of the paving lanes varied between 4.4 and 4.6 meters (14.4 and 15.1 ft), depending on project specifications.









Kajima’s GHP-2800 placed the first lift of concrete, which was approximately 187 millimeters (7.4 in) thick.


Commander III

After workers placed wire mesh on top of the first lift, K-Con’s Commander III slipformed the second lift, which was the final surface of the new roadway.






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