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GT-3200 Adds Safety Barrier to its List of Slipform Applications



The GT-3200 with right-side mounted barrier wall. It was also on display at Intermat 2009.

GOMACO’s new GT-3200 curb and gutter slipform paver, with right-side and left-side pour capabilities, is now even more versatile. It can be used to slipform safety barrier up to 40 inches (1 m) tall. New features on the GT-3200 allow its barrier capabilities.

The new generation GT-3200, with front-steer capability, features the newly-designed piston-style front leg that utilizes a round inner tube and a keyway for steering control. The new front leg, with steering cylinder, provides more steering torque for tighter turning capabilities and maneuverability around the job site. The GT-3200’s rear legs were engineered to be three times stronger than before and are now capable of handling barrier molds up to 40 inches (1 m) tall.

The GOMACO-designed G+ controls on the GT-3200 provide a new, more powerful controller for paving accuracy and electronic monitoring of steering and grade. The GT-3200’s C4.4T Caterpillar® Tier 3 engine, with 91 hp (68 kW) @ 2300 rpm, provides plenty of power for barrier applications.

Right-side or left-side barrier slipforming can be accomplished with the new generation GT-3200. The machine’s front track assembly can be mounted to the flange on the front of the machine for a left-side pour, or mounted to a flange on the back of the machine for a right-side pour. The side-mounted operator’s platform has a modular design and is strategically positioned to allow the operator to view the delivery of concrete to the charging end of the conveyor and to the hopper of the barrier mold. The operator has an excellent view of the finished barrier, while maintaining hands-on control of the machine.

The new style GT-3200 features the same hydraulically telescoping frame as previous models. It allows up to 36 inches (914 mm) of lateral leg movement to accommodate changing job-site requirements.





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