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GOMACO Introduces the New IDBI Attachment


Commander III IDBI graphic

The new IDBI attachment is an independent unit providing dowel bar insertion behind a paver. The attachment is powered by its own C4.4, Tier 3, diesel Caterpillar® engine with 91 hp (68 kW) @ 2300 rpm. No power or hydraulics is needed from the paver’s engine. A CAN cable connects the IDBI’s controls to the controller on the paver and allows the two systems to communicate. For example, when the paver stops and starts, the tamper bar and screed on the IDBI turn on and off automatically in coordination with the paver. GOMACO engineers have designed a bar insertion concept and created an independent attachment that is self-contained and self-powered. The new design features a new IDBI tray that is stronger, more compact and makes width changes easier. The bar loading tray now has adjustable-height bar extractors that allow contractors to quickly and easily change the setup for different bar sizes for insertion requirements.

The IDBI controls have all been designed in-house by GOMACO controls engineers. Its new GOMACO G+ control system features the same graphical display as the G22 controller, with easy to learn and easy to understand controls. The IDBI information is presented in full color, commands are presented in full text, and is able to operate in two languages, by customer’s choice. It offers the choice of metric or imperial measurements. The new IDBI control system also offers troubleshooting capabilities and other features that will make start up and general paving each day faster and easier.

The new independent IDBI attachment features its own outriggers to aid in attaching the unit to the paver and also for loading and unloading the unit for transporting. The hydraulic outriggers can be lowered and placed on the ground to support the full weight of the IDBI as it is attached to or detached from the paver. The outriggers on the attachment have 48 inches (1219 mm) of stroke and are also used to raise the unit so a trailer can be backed underneath for transport.

GOMACO has taken the Commander III four-track to the next level in concrete slipform paving. The Commander III, the same machine chosen by contractors around the world for lane additions, shoulders and variable-width paving with the V2 mold, now offers the new IDBI attachment for dowel bar insertion. The Commander III four-track with IDBI attachment can insert transverse joint dowel bars in pavements up to 16 feet (4.88 m) wide.

The four-track Commander III paver with IDBI attachment features the new piston-style legs which utilize a round inner tube and a keyway for steering control. The new legs have more steering torque for tighter turning capabilities and job-site maneuverability. The other major change is the hydraulically telescoping leg pivots on the rear of the paver. The pivots have 28 inches (711 mm) of telescoping ability to allow the machine to achieve sufficient length to mount the IDBI to the paver. It also allows the legs to be retracted to meet shipping requirements or to pave without the IDBI. The pivot feature allows maximum versatility in track placement to meet job-site requirements. The Commander III four-track still has a shipping width of only 8.5 feet (2.59 m).

The IDBI attachment is also available for other GOMACO pavers.



Commander III IDBI

Outriggers on the attachment can be used to raise the unit so a trailer can be backed underneath for transport.


Commander III IDBI

The new IDBI tray is stronger, more compact, and is designed to make width changes easier.


Commander III IDBI

The new IDBI control system offers troubleshooting capabilities and features that make general paving easier.


Commander III IDBI

The IDBI attachment is powered by its own C4.4, Tier 3, diesel Caterpillar engine with 91 horsepower (68 kW) @ 2300 rpm.


Commander III IDBI

The Commander III four-track with IDBI attachment slipforms a new lane for a roadway project in Fresno, California.






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