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A New Commander III Paves the Way in Uruguay


Commander III

Colier S.A. is slipforming the Route 55 extension project with their GOMACO Commander III four-track paver close to the city of Conchillas in Uruguay.

Traffic has increased in the Punta Pereira area in the country of Uruguay because of a new cellulose paste plant. Route 55 was already a heavily traveled road because of tourism, so government officials have taken action to create safer driving conditions for everyone in the area. To help ease traffic congestion, while creating a new access route to the plant, they are extending Route 55 by approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 mi) and building a new two lane concrete roadway 7.3 meters (24 ft) wide. Punta Pereira is located in the southwestern part of the country, close to the city of Conchillas.

Colier S.A., a contractor based out of Montevideo, Uruguay, won the Extension of Route 55: Section 21 - Free Zone Punta Pereira contract to build the new concrete road. They needed a slipform paver for the project and carefully researched brands, models and the versatility of paving applications.

"Our company evaluated the various options of slipform pavers that were in the international market and we opted for the GOMACO Commander III because of its technical benefits, and our relationship with the local representative, Bromberg Y Cia S.A.," explained Julio Fernández, Civil Engineer for Colier. "We wanted to be able to achieve the required smoothness for the project, and also wanted a paver with versatility to be able to handle other types of work."

Colier purchased a GOMACO Commander III with a four-track paving option for ultimate versatility. The Commander III will allow them to slipform curb and gutter, barrier and other applications, while the four-track option gives them the ability to pave roadways and flat slabs.

Colier's Commander III features the GOMACO G22 control system, which is capable of operating in several languages. Colier's languages of choice are Spanish and English.



Commander III

The Commander III is slipforming the road in two paving passes, 3.65 meters (12 ft) wide and 230 millimeters (9.1 in) thick.


Commander III

Colier's paving project will help ease traffic congestion associated with a new cellulose paste plant in the country of Uruguay.




For this Punta Pereira project, they are slipforming the new concrete road in two paving passes, each 3.65 meters (12 ft) wide. Depth of the new roadway is 230 millimeters (9.1 in). Sidebar inserters on the four-track Commander III insert bars 12 millimeters (0.5 in) in diameter and 800 millimeters (31.5 in) long every 750 millimeters (29.5 in) into the side of the new roadway.

Paving production for the first-time concrete slipformers is averaging 60 cubic meters (78.5 yd3) of concrete per hour on each of the lanes.

Finishing work behind the paver is kept to a minimum. A wet burlap drag is attached to the rear of the Commander III and applies the drag finish directly behind the paver. Transverse joints are cut into the slab every 4.5 meters (14.8 ft).

"The Commander III is an excellent machine and we are convinced that we made a good decision," Fernández said. "The structure and design of the machine are just some of the things we like about it. The abilities of the G22 controller and its software make it very user-friendly for the operator. Without a doubt, the Commander III has met our expectations."

Work on the project began in September 2011 and the new roadway is expected to open to traffic by January 2013. So far, Colier hasn't had the opportunity to use their Commander III in three-track paving mode, but they hope to have the opportunity soon.



Commander III

The Commander III slipforms the second lane of roadway scabbed onto the first lane.


Commander III

The final finish to the new roadway is a wet burlap drag. A spray bar mounted to the attachment keeps the burlap continuously wet.






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