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GT-3600 Curb & Gutter

GOMACO's GT-3600 is one of the most versatile, dependable, and high-production curb and gutter machines with job-proven results throughout the world. The operator uses the sideshifting capabilities to achieve minimum-clearance as the GT-3600 passes by a utility pole on a rehabilitation project. Two GT-3600s are slipforming the Utah I-15 project's 25.5 miles (41 km) of curb and gutter.

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Tight-clearance paving is accomplished with the sideshifting capability of the mold. The GT-3600's compact paving width makes it an ideal machine for working within confined spaces, like this tunnel project in Canada. Stringless curb and gutter is slipformed on a new parking lot project with 3D stringless controls.
The GT-3600 has piston-style legs with bearings on both ends of the inner tube. There is no steel-on-steel contact. The steel keyway on the cylindrical inner tube provides steering control. The mold can be lowered below grade to slipform curb and gutter. The GT-3600 has an optional auger available for concrete delivery. The GT-3600 has an operational speed up to 42 feet per minute (12.8 mpm) for high production curb and gutter slipforming applications.
This GT-3600 slipforms curb and gutter next to traffic on a road in Canada. This contractor slipforms a unique profile of curb and gutter on a project in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A GT-3600 slipforms curb at a new power plant in Trinidad.
This GT-3600 slipforms curb and gutter below grade on a rehabilitation project. Using the telescoping mold and hold-down, the GT-3600 is able to achieve minimum-clearance as it passes a residential telephone pole. The GT-3600 sensor arms and mounts are more durable, lighter weight, and easier to manipulate than ever before. This GT-3600 slipforms a 16 inch (406 mm) curb in Canada.

This GT-3600 is slipforming parking lot radii with a stringless system on a project in St. Louis, Missouri.

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A GT-3600 slipforms stand-up curb on a new development project in Cowansville, Quebec, Canada.

The GT-3600 uses the simultaneous trim/pour process for maximum concrete utilization.

This contractor slipforms curb and gutter with their GT-3600 and the TSD stringless system on a project near Peruwelz, Belgium.

This contractor slipforms curb and gutter with their new GT-3600 on a project in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


This crew set a company record of 10,712 feet (3265 m) of curb and gutter in a single day with their GT-3600 near Woodburn, Oregon.

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A GOMACO GT-3600 slipformed a curb and gutter radius stringfree using 3D controls for the first time in March 1999.

The GT-3600 is simultaneously trimming and pouring curb and gutter in minimum-clearance areas in Meridian, Mississippi.



Several different curb and gutter and island profiles were slipformed by this GT-3600 in Franklin, Wisconsin.

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This GT-3600 is slipforming approximately 11,000 feet (3353 m) of curb and gutter on a 12 percent grade in Missouri.

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This GT-3600 is slipforming curb and gutter with a 3D stringless guidance system in Alabama.
The legs on the GT-3600 providing the same quality and durability as the Commander III legs.

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This GT-3600 is slipforming curb and gutter in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is equipped with the Hook-and-Go mold mount system.
The GT-3600's auto-transition system automatically adjusts the curb flow line from a catch to a spill during the length of this radius on a golf course project in South Dakota.

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This GT-3600 is slipforming roll-over style curb and gutter in a new subdivision project in Tennessee.

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Specifications on this project in Kalamazoo, Michigan, called for steel being fed into the curb and gutter.
The GT-3600 easily slipforms this cul-de-sac for a residential area in Las Vegas, Nevada. This contractor used his GT-3600 to slipform approximately 25,000 lineal ft. (7620 m) of curb and gutter on six different residential projects in the Las Vegas area. The GT-3600 simultaneously trims and slipforms 24 in. (610 mm) L-shaped curb and 30 in. (762 mm) wide roll curb. The cul-de-sacs had a radius of 45 ft. (13.7 m). This contractor, new to slipforming, averaged over 3000 ft. (914.4 m) of quality trimming and curb and gutter production in an eight-hour day.
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