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Buying, Financing, and Slipforming in Less Than a Week



Michael Anthony Companies in Rialto, California, was toying around with the idea of upgrading their used Commander II to a new GT-3600. Michael Madrid, the company's president, researched curb and gutter machines and felt a GOMACO would be the only way to go.

His company put a bid in to slipform approximately 40,000 lineal feet (12,192 m) of A-style curb and 20,000 feet (6096 m) of curb and gutter on a new shopping center called Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, California. His company won the bid and needed a new curb and gutter machine fast.

On Monday, they visited their GOMACO distributor in California, Terry Equipment, and looked at a GT-3600, a stock machine at the distributor's lot. On Wednesday of that same week, they committed to buying the machine and by Friday, they were pouring curb and gutter at the new shopping center.

"We had gotten really familiar with what's available on the market today for curb and gutter machines and we took a good look at the GT-3600 and thought it would best serve our needs," Madrid explained. "Once the contract was signed on the Victoria Gardens project, it was a no-brainer to make the purchase and meet the demanding schedule.

"Andru Small, from Terry Equipment, recommended that we finance the machine through United Bank of Iowa in Ida Grove," Madrid said. "Jennifer Conover at United Bank was very easy to work with, very aggressive and I got a very comfortable feeling and knew that she would serve us best. She did a very good job for us and we're looking forward to working with her in the future."

The GT-3600's purchase, financing and start-up all happened so quickly, they're wasn't time to build a new mold for the project. The company simply modified an existing Commander II mold and attached it to their new machine.

"It was just a timing factor that didn't allow us to take the necessary steps. We had to become creative and aggressive and make it work," Madrid said. "We just added about eight to 12 inches (203 to 305 mm) to the hopper area. It was a very handy modification. We have since ordered all new molds."

Their first day on the project with their new GT-3600, they slipformed 4200 feet (1280 m) of A-style curb on the shopping center's parking lot.




On Monday, Michael Anthony Companies looked at buying a GT-3600. Wednesday they bought it and by Friday they were slipforming.



The GT-3600 will be slipforming approximately 60,000 feet (18,288 m) of curb and gutter for the new shopping center.




"We were pouring out trucks in less than 15 minutes," Madrid said. "We were trimming at the same time and this was a very rocky project. The machine just did a great job for us."

Concrete slump averaged two inches (51 mm) with a 2500 psi (20 MPa) mix. Finishing work behind the GT-3600 is kept to a minimum. Joints are hand-tooled into the curb immediately behind the machine every 10 feet (3 m).

"I believe the preparation of the ground and the setting of the line are all key factors that determine the quality that you produce," Madrid said. "We like to strategize prior to actually pouring with the machine and make sure we're following the procedures and the correct process."

Michael Anthony Companies' strategizing is working well. The company was founded by Madrid in 1988 specializing only in concrete construction. Since that time they've branched out to become a site development contractor. Their GT-3600 will help with the concrete paving portion.

"The Commander II is a good little machine, but there's so much more our new machine can do," Madrid said. "The GT-3600 is a great machine and we're really excited about it and what it's going to do for our company."




Michael Anthony was trimming through some very rocky ground while slipforming the A-style curb.



A mold from the company’s Commander II was modified to fit the GT-3600. Timing constraints didn’t allow for a new mold.






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