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Abi Group Limited slipforms barrier wall with their four-track Commander III on the M7 Motorway near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.




Leis Maquinarias, GOMACO’s distributor in Chile, promoted our equipment at the Expo Hormigon ICH show in May in Santiago, Chile.




CEMEX slipforms a new roadway south of Cancun, Mexico, with their new GP-4000 with IDBI. A GSI® follows behind the paver measuring the smoothness of the new roadway.




Kodama slipforms 3.5 meter (11.5 ft) wide pavement with their Commander III three-track on a project in Santiago, Chile.




The joint venture team of CDS and Mukand are using a four-track GHP-2800 with IDBI to slipform the new National Highway 2 between the cities of Kanpur and Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, India.




South East Concreting Pty. Ltd. slipforms half-width roadway with their four-track Commander III on a new roadway in Sydney, Australia.




LBR takes advantage of their new GT-3400’s right-side slipforming capabilities in Savenay, France. The machine’s new G22 dual language capabilities allow the operator to operate the machine in his own French language.




Eurovia’s operator uses the GT-3400’s remote control and operates the machine from ground level as they slipform curb and gutter on a project near Villedieu les Poeles, France.




Imperial Paving Limited slipforms curb and gutter with their three-track Commander III on a parking lot project in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.




B.R. Goyal slipforms a new highway near Madhya Pradesh, India, with their two-track GP-2600 paver.




Russian contractor Nur trims base with their 9500 trimmer on a new roadway project near Kazan, Russia.




Centrodorstroy is at work with their PS-2600 placer/spreader and four-track GHP-2800 paver on a project at the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia.





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