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GT-3600 Unique Applications

A contractor in Belgium slipformed the retaining wall for flood defense 500 millimeters (19.7 in) wide and 600 millimeters (23.6 in) tall using their GOMACO GT-3600 curb and gutter machine.

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A GT-3600 with a custom-built mold slipforms a 24 inch (610 mm) median strip at a 30 degree angle with red dyed concrete. The versatile GOMACO GT-3600 slipforms drainage canal with minimum-clearance specifications in France.

A Russian contractor is using their GOMACO GT-3600 to slipform grooved flooring in cattle barns in Voronezh. The flooring is slipformed in passes 1.74 meters (5.7 ft) wide and 200 millimeters (7.9 in) thick. Thirteen blockouts were attached to the back of the mold to form the grooves.

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A GT-3600 slipforms a drainage channel that catches the water runoff from a bridge. The GT-3600 is slipforming up against a wall. The stringline holders have been mounted to the wall, so the GT-3600 will follow the wall profile. A GOMACO GT-3600 slipforms a six foot (1.8 m) wide, 10 inch (254 mm) thick swale curb in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
This GT-3600 slipforms a unique profile for electric cables and pipes along what will be a new railway connecting Bologna to Verona, Italy.

This slipform project is stair-stepped risers for a new football stadium in Marion, Michigan. A total of ten rows were slipformed with the GT-3600, in five passes around the stadium, in a series of 200 ft. (61 m) runs.

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Another unique paving application slipformed with the GT-3600 is this foundation for an ice skating rink.

This unique project involved the terracing for an amphitheater in Salem, Oregon. Retaining walls were slipformed with the GT-3600 at 34 in. (864 mm) high, with a 6 in. (152 mm) wide gutter/mowstrip, which was level with the backfilled grade.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 27.1.

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