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Finishing Each Night’s Header –

Coffman Specialties had a unique way of handling each night’s header. The slope of the canal created challenges getting the extra concrete out each night. They developed a solution to overcome the problem.




Photo #1







Photo #1 shows Coffmans’ workers laying down a heavy rubber mat behind wooden planks used to form the header. The mat has wooden steps on it to keep the concrete from sliding off when the mat is pulled up the steep slope of the canal.




Photo #2







In the second photo, the canal paver approaches the header and paves over the rubber mat.




Photo #3







The paver has pulled off the header in photo #3.

The finishers do the work necessary for the rubber mat to be pulled up the slope and out of the canal.





Photo #4



Photo #5



Two large dozers, chained together, work to pull the mat and its load of excess concrete out of the canal in photos #4 and #5.

With the excess concrete out of the canal and out of the way in a quick and easy manner, workers can finish off the night’s header faster and more easily.

It was a huge time and material savings for the company and just one of Coffman Specialties’ unique innovations on the All-American Canal project.




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