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Commander III

A Commander III four-track owned by B Nord Pavi srl is at work slipforming on the Palermo Airport on the island of Sicily, Italy.




Commander III

Stroydorexport Company slipforms curb and gutter with their three-track Commander III in Kemerovo Oblast, Russia.




Commander III

CVV in Concepción, Chile, slipforms a new roadway half-width. Their three-track Commander III is equipped with a five meter (16 ft) paving package.





Maga Naguma Road Construction Equipment Company slipforms an access road to the new Hambantota International Airport in Mattala, Sri Lanka.




Commander III

J.K. Williams Plant Pty. Ltd. slipforms three meter (9.8 ft) wide and 150 millimeter (5.9 in) thick sidewalk with their three-track Commander III on a test project in Sydney, Australia.




Commander III

Two four-track Commander IIIs with V2 molds are at work on a new road project near Guayaquil, Ecuador. Cuerpo de Ingenieros del Ejercito (Army Corp of Engineers) is building the project.




GP-2600 and T/C-600

GOMACO GP-2600 two-track pavers slipform side-by-side on an airbase project in Afghanistan. The pavers are followed by two T/C-600 texture/cure machines.






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