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GHP-2800 and T/C-400

GOMACO service men were in Tsukuba, Japan, teaching TOA Construction about their new paving train, a PS-2600 placer/spreader, GHP-2800 paver, and T/C-400 texture/cure.






Sung-Do Construction slipforms new roadway near Yesan, Korea, with their GP-2600 paver and T/C-400 texture/cure.





LBR utilizes the right-hand pour capability of their GT-3300 to slipform slotted drain along a roadway near Nante, France.




Commander III

Pella Construction slipforms a lane for a new roadway with their four-track Commander III near Sao Paulo, Brazil.





NTF Construction & Trading Ltd. are using a C-700 cylinder finisher to pave a new spillway near Dacyan, Turkey.








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