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A Bird’s-Eye View

The impressive speed with which this project was built is hard to describe with just words. This series of photos might help to better illustrate the amount of progress PRC made in a short amount of time. The photos show American Forks’ 500 East Double-Diamond Interchange.



I-15 Corridor Expansion Project (I-15 CORE)

The above photo was taken in September 2011. The large aerial photo below was taken of the same intersection in November 2011, just three months later. Temperatures were dropping for PRC by November, so not only were they paving, they were covering and heating all of their new concrete pavement.

I-15 Corridor Expansion Project (I-15 CORE)




I-15 Corridor Expansion Project (I-15 CORE)

The above photo shows the GOMACO paving train slipforming next to concrete covered with blankets and plastic.




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